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mommytotwo 03-03-2014 09:55 AM

Serious Aggression Question
My son's dog hates me, he has bitten me 2x, I have only meet this dog 2x because I live 9 hrs away, first time I met him he barked & tried to lung at me, same thing happened the second time, of course now I am terrified of him. I have never had a dog not like me I have 2 boxers, my other kids have dogs that love me, we dog sit for them I help in some rescue situations.. & honestly have never encountered this. I am up here now visiting & the dog has to stay in his kennel when I am there,& am spending most of my time at my other sons because of this. Diesel loves everyone else is good with kids it is just something about me.I would really appreciate any suggestions you have.

Mary Beth 03-03-2014 09:46 PM

It would help if you could provide more detail on your son's dog. How old is the dog? What breed? How long has your son had him? When the dog bit you, what were the circumstances? Were you walking up to the dog? Where was your son?

lawhyno 03-04-2014 01:01 AM

Sometimes people who don't know much about dogs will inadvertently behave in ways threatening to a dog. Looking at a dog straight in the eyes and walking towards the dog can be threatening. I've had people try to be cute and walk towards my dog while making faces and getting all gushy with cute "i love you" sounds… but the dog got freaked out by it and became defensive.
It's best to avoid eye contact and walking directly towards the dog. Just be aloof and don't pay attention to the dog and the dog will feel less threatened by you.

My question is: why doesn't your son keep the dog on leash and control him/her? I don't understand how he could let this happen...


mommytotwo 03-04-2014 08:19 AM

He didn't let it happen!!, he was so quick we were both so surprised the first time I was walking to get my shoes he was beside my son & ran after me, second time [I] went to sit by my son & Diesel seemed fine with me then just snapped at me, I don't get all cutesy with him ,like I said in my question I have 2 big dogs & have worked with rescues. He is 14 months old & my son has had him since a puppy, he is a good dog with everyone but me, we have no idea why but I am contacting a trainer while I am here to see if we can get some answers..

carmspack 03-04-2014 08:38 AM

the dog doesn't hate you and the dog doesn't love you.

the dog needs to get some obedience and proper perspective of his place in the home.

your son needs to do this for the sake of the dog.

dog sitting beside your son when you go to socialize with the son?
guarding , possessive . Get the dog off the chair .

sounds like a bratty dog , indulged , .

what did your son do ?

the lady can't "Just be aloof and don't pay attention to the dog and the dog will feel less threatened by you. "

never mind the dog feeling less threatened , by what? --- the lady feels threatened.

as a guest she shouldn't have to tip toe around and be cautious trying to avoid hazard

for the dog's sake , because I don't believe he is okay with others , get some training. get some parameters in the house. make sure the relationship , the dog-human bond is healthy .

I believe the problem is situational , not targeted at this person .

what else did you see on the dogs behaviour ?

time to nip it in the bud

Longfisher 03-04-2014 09:32 AM

Things that tick of my Zeus
1) Men with cowboy hats. He's cool with baseball caps.

2) Two people (no matter the gender) who approach him (us) while directing their attention directly towards us.

3) People who foolishly kneel or squat before him to try to pet him before they've at least chatted with me a bit in calm tones.

3) People with any sort of implement in their hands like a rake or hoe or shovel.

4) People who are crouching a short distance away (recently a fellow was photographing spring flowers up close to the ground).


6) Those who show fear.

There are just things that our GSDs don't feel comfortable with. And, I'll bet that's what going on with this case too. There's something you do or don't do that the dog finds alarming.


LoveEcho 03-04-2014 10:01 AM

I agree with Carmen, I'm not at all convinced the dog is fine with others. Lots of signals being missed, probably.

mommytotwo 03-04-2014 10:34 AM

I have seen him with others including children and other dogs, completely fine like I said this is something I really don't understand.. I have never encountered this before completely baffled.. We will see what the trainer says..
Thank you :)

carmspack 03-04-2014 10:39 AM

what did your son do after the attacks

mommytotwo 03-04-2014 10:48 AM

He grabbed him & put him in his kennel, what else can you do,the dog doesn't understand.

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