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VTGirlT 01-24-2014 01:16 PM

Separation Anxiety, an awesome improvement! Where do i go from here?
SO! Yesterday night, I wen't to go clean upstairs and use the vacuum, and so i decided i would try Zelda loose in my room, as i recently got rid of a ton of my junk and there is little for her to get into now. So i brought her down stairs, set up my laptop webcam to face the door and my bed. And gave her a peanut butter kong and put it on my bed and left the room.
So for about 25 minutes. I waited until she got into her Kong, and than the left the room. She was on my bed enjoying her Kong, when i closed the door behind me for a few seconds, she stopped using her Kong. And then wen't back to it. For a while she wen't at the Kong, and then she got off my bed, checked the door and went back to lay down on my bed. I didn't here her bark or anything.. (i fast forwarded through the video)

Anyways i use to record her when i left the room from 30 seconds to minutes. And she would be pacing back and forth, whining, jumping on the door scratching it. Even when i left stuff for her to do, she would stop doing it.

So i would say this is an improvement. I would like to completely baby proof my room before i leave her any longer than 30 minutes. But im wondering if eventually she would settle down and just lay on my bed and sleep and find things like the antler, Wobbler, Kong to go at while im away at work. Instead of being in her crate.

What are some good steps to take from here? To get her to be loose in my room while i am away? (no longer using crate)

A few ideas i been thinking of: putting a baby gate in my big window so she doesnt try and go through there, which i dont thinks he would, but you never know, a dog at the animal hospital went through a window.. I want to block off a section of my room, with my tv and laptop so she doesn't get into cords,etc.. How can i secure my door better? What rate should i increase the time?

*On a different note: And if anyone is wondering from my previous post on her growl. She has not done anything since, i have had my mom work with her a little bit and i also contacted my private trainer and she also made some suggestions and when i have the money i hope to meet with her soon.

Blanketback 01-24-2014 01:31 PM

I'm so happy things are going well for you :)

I don't have any great ideas though, lol. I'm in the same situation as you're in - so I'll be watching this thread. My guy is still crated when I leave him but I'm going to dog-proof my kitchen so that he can have the run of that room while I'm at work. I picked up a shift that would have him crated for too long, IMO.

Mary Beth 01-24-2014 09:37 PM

That is great news! Your ideas of a baby gate in front of the window is a smart precaution and blocking off your tv and laptop. For the door a simple hook and ring latch on the outside of the door would make it more secure. I would start slowly with the time maybe work on 15 minutes longer and keep extending it - once she does well at that time for 5 days. Also maybe leave her crate in the room but with the door open so she can have her den space.

xtramile 01-27-2014 04:54 PM

Just a note on baby proofing. We thought we had completely baby proofed a room, Drago had been left alone in it for hours and did not get into any trouble. The other day he was left for less than 15 minutes and ripped a hole in the carpet down to flooring.

We put too much trust in our boy. Not his fault, but he is crated again and we have to find out how we fix our Partments carpet.

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