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Shaina 01-21-2014 06:19 PM

Trixie Crate? Any experience?
I just adopted another dog against my better judgement who I pulled out of a kill shelter through a rescue I work with.. he was on the euthanasia for being aggressive. That major issue aside, he is a good boy - except in his crate. He has busted out of two airline kennels and one wire. I am about to lose my mind with it as I am in an apartment and can't have him being destructive!

I'm trying to find a kennel he can't get out of that isn't going to cost me $600. I love the military aluminum crates but it seems to be overkill for a 45lb dog, and way out of my budget. I found this one online which seems to have some good reviews, and I spoke with a rep for the company who said that as long as he doesn't eat through the bars he should be good. Naturally, I'm skeptical. Does anybody have any experience with it?

Trixie Aluminum Transport Crate for Dogs - Aluminum Dog Crate and Dog Crates from

That's the crate in question. He's just managing to bend in the doors and pop them out in the airline/wire ones.

I have been doing training, and he is also on prozac (new prescription), pheromone collars, and I have given him xanax/ace (not at the same time) at times to try to mellow him out. He has stuffed bones and toys in the crate that he will chew on for a few minutes before throwing a fit again. Nothing seems to work with this boy.

The one on the left is the little bugger causing the mayhem.

I am also considering buying this one:

erfunhouse 01-21-2014 06:37 PM

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Shaina 01-21-2014 06:39 PM

ssalvato 01-22-2014 07:40 AM

I would be concerned about the plastic fittings/fixtures. If he's persistent these may not hold.

ZoeandMoe 01-22-2014 08:01 AM

The one on E-Bay sure looks like a nice crate. All steel and I like that it has locking wheels. I'm sure it's pretty heavy. He def won't be bending those bars to get out!

marbury 01-22-2014 09:28 AM

Of the ones you linked, only the last one will do you any good. The petco one will be broken immediately; plastic hardware is the weakest possible choice. The eBay crate I've had before and it's cheaply made and extremely easy to bust out of unless you zip tie it eight ways till Tuesday. I got mine way under cost used and still think I wasted money. Plus, it's HUGE.

When it comes to SA/ destructive dogs you aren't saving money by getting cheap crates. You end up spending ~$100 a crate 5-6 times over. Just pony up the big bucks at the start and save yourself time and money. There are always deals on used dog supply groups for all-metal crates and kennels, way cheaper than buying new. Good luck!

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autopsy_survivor 01-22-2014 10:22 AM

Just something to consider - if the crates weren't super old when you put him in them you can contact the company and see if you can get a replacement. I had a foster hound/collie mix that broke out of an airline carrier in my apartment, ended up eating an entire 8kg bag of dog food and some other things that made him pretty sick. I emailed the company about it and while they denied that the crate was for leaving the dog in unattended (hello, airline crate?!) they did ship me a new one at their cost to a local store to trade the broken one for. I didn't need the crate after he left, I had bought it just for him, so I ended up just donating it to the rescue, but it's something to consider.

Have you tried a thundershirt as well? When we first got Bru the only things that helped to take some of the edge off were the thundershirt, a DAP collar and DAP diffuser in the room where his crate was. The pet store calming collars and diffusers didn't work, but the DAP ones did. One of my dachshunds was extremely dog aggressive on leash but when we had the thundershirt on him it helped a lot, we don't need to use it on him anymore now.

Shaina 01-22-2014 10:30 AM

Thanks guys. The newest one he broke is new to me but I got it off craigslist for cheaper, so no big loss. The other one and the wire crate were both old that I've used for fostering but were in pretty good shape. For the moment, my boyfriend drilled a few more holes to add support with new bolts, we've pad locked the gate to the crate itself, and thrown some zip ties in the mix. It seems a lot more secure but we'll see how it goes when I leave today.

I bought the Sentry pheromone collar from Petsmart, and I ordered an Adaptil one online. He is wearing the Sentry collar now, should I just toss it and us the other one? I had a feeling it might be a better collar but wasn't sure if I should wait this one out or waste it. I haven't bought a thundershirt yet because for a rescue dog he has already cost me a few hundred dollars this week and I'm trying to budget so I can actually pay his adoption fee.. who knew ;)

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