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Kaimeju 01-15-2014 11:18 AM

Marking indoors but only very rarely
My dog will sometimes mark indoors, but only very rarely. Maybe once every 2-4 months, she will randomly decide to lift her leg and pee on something. I'm guessing she's smelling other dogs but it's so inconsistent I can't figure out what's triggering it specifically. We have dogs at work all the time, so why does this only happen once in a blue moon? The trouble places are when we are at my workplace or at the hardware store. I correct her for it, and she is never unsupervised, but it happens very quickly without any warning sniffing behavior.

So I asked this question on another forum and was basically told I was a terrible person and to keep my dog on a leash at all times while indoors... This not only does not work (the leash won't stop her from peeing), it is not practical or fair for the dog. I am willing to do it if someone can explain to me how it will actually help. Also willing to try other techniques. When I am working she lies on her quilt and does not explore- this is only an issue when we're walking around, not when she is bored.

Curtis 01-15-2014 11:49 AM

I don't have an answer for you. My Miniature Pinscher marks in the house when other dogs come over. He's kind of a butt head.

When we first brought our GSD home, the Min Pin marked where ever the Shepherd would lay down. That has long since stopped, the Shepherd rules now.

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MaggieRoseLee 01-16-2014 09:24 AM

I think you have a DOG :) and though this isn't that uncommon to occasionally happen with males you are a lucky owner with a female :)

Truthfully, I think it's just her and since you know it, you just need to pay more attention than some of us do with our girldogs. To help make it happen less you have to catch her just when she cocks her leg so you can make the correction crystal clear to link it with her action. Any time you do that it will help click that it's not allowed. But with it so infrequent you'll have to be vigilant!

It may get better as she gets older (fingers crossed :) )

Lilie 01-16-2014 11:03 AM

When I put too much pressure on my Lacy, he'll mark indoors. He'll never do it in the house...hotel...etc.

An example is I was granted permission to take him into Bass Pro Shop during the holidays to have him fitted for an orange vest. They were crowded and many people kept dipping down to pet him as we walked by. I watched him closely and he seemed to be handling it just fine. But as we walked into the elevator he tried to mark. I caught him and corrected him. We got off the elevator and walked to where the dog vests were. He tried to mark. Again I corrected.

When we were leaving the store he tried to mark at the check out. I know that it wasn't as if he had to go, I made sure he went before we entered the store. He wasn't 'smelling' for a place to go, he'd just lift his leg.

I was to blame for this one, because I put too much pressure on him - new place, very crowded, lots of 'touching', elevator, trying on vests.

Kaimeju 01-16-2014 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee (Post 4843641)
I think you have a DOG :)

That was my first thought too... I think the people whose dogs are perfect angels all of the time, never shed, never drool, never mark, just got extremely lucky.

Lilie, that is a good point about pressure. I don't think she is stressed out from being at work, but I will be on the look out for signs she is getting overwhelmed. I have seen her stress-marking outdoors when other dogs are barking at her.

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