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Matt1987e 01-07-2014 06:52 AM

Puppy hates to be alone, breaking my heart!
Our gorgeous lovely puppy Marmite is 14 weeks old and just hates being alone!

There are 3 days in the week where he is alone from 8 until 12, i then come home for half an hour to feed, let out and have a little play, and then hes on his own from 12:30 until 5:30.

He's crated, with bedding, toys and a Kong. Hes excercise for an Hour before he goes in and then again at night. I have a camera that watches him and he does lie down occasionally, but the other times hes just barking and barking. Yestrday when i came home for lunch our neigbour came over and complained a bit. He isn't trying to break out or be destructive, just criying/barking/whining, then asleep for half an hour, then half an hour of barking, so on so forth....

My question is, will he get used to it / grow out of it and eventually settle in the next few weeks? Or do we need to look to do something else? Its making me very anxious as i want him to be happy.

Extra info - we live in lovely country side and he has a great life other than these three days with great walks, soicalisation and plenty playtime.

Any advise appreciated. We both grew up with dogs, but this is our first that we're raising togehter.

Thanks in advance,


llombardo 01-07-2014 08:46 AM

I would try to tire him out the days he is on his own. If he's tired he will sleep. He might have to go to the bathroom too. I know mine carried on when they had to go. Maybe have someone come in a couple times in between your visits home?

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