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Hannahhannes 01-06-2014 10:26 PM

1 year old GSD pottying in the house on purpose. Help!
I have an eleven month old GSD female that is house and crate trained. She lately will poo or pee in the house right in front of us while looking straight at us. She wil do this right after we get back inside from a potty break. We had sent her to a trainer whom we have later found out was a fraud and that she was abused while she was there. That is a whole different story, but it makes any kind of discipline hard because she goes straight into a panic anytime you get remotely frustrated. She is not getting all the exercise she needs and I am currently working on that. We can't leave her out in the yard for too long or we end up with holes halfway to china. Any suggestions other than exercise since I have acknowledged that and am working on it?

GSDluver4lyfe 01-06-2014 10:36 PM

How do you react when you see her potty in the house? I would say its probably for attention if she were fully house trained before she started doing this.

Training and giving them a "purpose" helps with destructive boredom. Mental Stimulation is much more "exhausting" as well as calming seeing as GSD's tend to need a "job" to do than physical exercise IMO. But she needs that too! :p

GSDluver4lyfe 01-06-2014 10:40 PM

Sorry I didnt see the part about the trainer and being abused. Thats horrible! I would suggest positive reinforcement to get her comfortable with training again. I wouldnt even use a leash, in your house or backyard. And let her become more comfortable with that type of "stress". I cant even imagine what that "trainer" put her through but it must have been frightening.

Hannahhannes 01-06-2014 10:59 PM

@Gsdluver4lyfe. Thank you. She is fine on a leash. She has panic attacks if you grab her collar or come towards her when she knows she has done wrong. It is very hard to know someone has done that to my baby, and now we have to fix the problem the best way possible. She is mainly scared of my husband since the trainer was a male. I will try to find more jobs for her. She currently checks the mail and brings the paper inside for me. She really really likes to play chase, it just gets hard in this cooler weather. We got another large dog for her to play with because she LOVES other dogs, but she is even acting out with him around. But I will try to keep her busier. I'm pretty sure it's an attention grabber, and she knows she will get attention- good or bad.

GSDluver4lyfe 01-06-2014 11:12 PM

Well I'm glad she's still ok with a leash as she probably received unfair corrections with it from that "trainer" but I meant I wouldn't even use a leash to do basic obedience with her. I would just use a bag full of treats and work on basic obedience (even if she already knows it) like sit down come stay heel etc to build her confidence in those areas again. Those basic commands could have been a source of torment with the "trainer" and now you need to make them a source of fun, bonding, confidence etc. I would have your husband do it as well.
The pottying in the house can also be from stress now taking into account the full situation. I personally wouldnt correct her. Just lead her outside being as nuetral as possible. I would start from scratch as if she were a little puppy again to try to rewire what that trainer scarred her with. But this is my personal opinion. Confidence building is a must. She needs to learn that she can obey and follow "rules". That everything doesnt have to result to corrections and abuse.

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