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GSDLuverForever 01-02-2014 12:12 AM

Dog Socialization
OKay, I have an eight year old female GSD. When she was a puppy, we let her play with my uncles puppy. They got along fine. As she got older, she was fine with the dog she knew but not with other dogs. Except puppies, she seems fine with puppies. Well, this was never a problem since we lived in the country and not many dogs came around. Now we moved to a new house with yards around us. Our neighbor has a dog social dog, it is a mix breed, spayed female. Problem is, the two dogs share a fence. The neighbor's dog runs up and down our side of the fence, Keeli (My dog) will run up and down the fence also. She'll bark loudly. I'm not sure how to decipher her body language though, its so mixed up. Keeli's bark won't be aggressive really, just loud. Her tail will be up and wagging, ears forward, eyes bright and open. Mouth slightly open. I've looked up dog body language and I can't really decipher it. One day I saw them stop and sniff each other and Keeli nipped the other dog's lip. Also, if I'm ever walking her, and we pass by another dog, she will start pulling on the leash and barking loudly, sometimes her ears will be pinned back and she will show teeth, ONLY SOMETIMES THOUGH! But whenever she is alone with me, she is so well behaved! Is she being aggressive towards the other dogs? Is it too late to socialize her? If it isn't then what are some ways I can SAFELY socialize her with other dogs? Thanks!
(P.S.)- She is also not cat social. Please don't scold me for not properly socializing her, I understand now how I should have done that but at the time I didn't think we'd be moving and there weren't many dogs or cats around to socialize her with.

GSDLuverForever 01-02-2014 12:15 AM

Also, she has gotten into fights with other dogs and she NEVER has left a mark on them! It seems like she is hurting them but when we separate the dogs, there is never a scratch on the dog she was fighting with! One time, she got into a fight with two Chihuahuas across the street (Our neighbor doesn't keep a leash on her dogs) and they ran over to our yard. Keeli lunged at one before I could stop her. I was sure that she'd kill the dog but when we separated them, the Chihuahuas were unharmed. The only one hurt was Keeli because their dog bit her lip.

MaggieRoseLee 01-02-2014 12:12 PM

You can make this better, you been to dog classes so she trusts you and learned to rely on you as a leader?

Alot of time just realizing it's not up to HER to deal with a situation she's not comfortable with, but that you will take care of it, is a help. But that's only once they DO know and trust us as a leader.

You purchased and watched 'Calming Signals' by Turid Rugaas? Huge help, you want the DVD NOT just the book.

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