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adriannrockie 12-20-2013 09:52 PM

Need desperate help
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We have a 6mo old german australian shepard (50% german 50% aussie)

If we keep her at a level 1 calmness she is okay but stubborn to get there and keep calm. Just started to finally get her to play cetch, she goes on multiple daily walks, and everytime her and our silky rockie go out they are allowed to run.

We are an active family, but a calm down to earth active. Adrian even though i am always trying to wear her out both me tally and physically she is still a little spastic. We could be outside from 6am to 5pm and she would run around non stop. Weve had her maybe 2mos and finally 2days ago got her to watch to fetch she shows no interest in anything other the. Running and doing semi herding acts we have to get after her to be easy with rockie sometimes cuz hes so small and she doesnt know when he says hes had enough by hiding from her to stop.

I understand most will feel she is still a pup and i agree to a point. I believe as a smart and responsible owner it is up to you to train obedience and teach manners.

I just dont know what to do here first time i e never been able to get a dog to be relaxed when it no more play mode. Our 3 kids 6,3,1 love her and shes good with them but our 3 yr old wont run and play outside if adrian is out with us. I dont know if its because she is pretty much adrians height or what but she gets targeted as the jumping post or run into post (and weve trained adrian no jump and our 3yr old is the only one she still does it too)

We are afraid of adrian knocking our 3yr old over hard enough to really hurt her and are considering finding her a home that is on a farm or where she can be a working dog or something for all that energy (it makes me said just thinking about it cuz we love her so much already). If anyone can help out with tips etc that would be great as we will try anything if it means we dont have to consider the alternative.

Here is a pic of her

Attachment 152386

This is when we first got her she has filled out a lot more.

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onyx'girl 12-20-2013 10:07 PM

Running and playing is great exercise for the body, but exercising the mind can wear out a dog and give them a bit of balance in the on/off switch. I would maybe try to teach tracking or nosework with her. Obedience training(positions/recalls, retrieves, agility, etc) are also mind bending exercises. Because she has strong herding genetics in her mix, I'd also try to get her into some type of herding. Treibball may be an option? It doesn't have to be formal, just something to teach her what to do with her natural instincts.
She is very unique looking! I look forward to more photo's of her

adriannrockie 12-20-2013 10:22 PM

I have tried tracking and nose work just like fetch she shows no interest (took me for ever with retrieving she isnt dumb by any means just about 90% stubborn lol) she is semi getting the hang of shake etc. she knows sit and lay down. But with the tracking we try everything in doors with her cuz as soon as she hits the outside air she is running around, but she waits till our silky rockie (like a yorkie) gets tired of waiting on her and just goes in gets the treat or what ever brings it back and she ends up taking it off of him.

We have a decent size yard and side yard so she has room to run just wish she would do more activities. What type of tracking or nosework do you have in mind? (Ive had germans in the past but they were so calm and didnt take much to get them doing tricks or playing to please you). What is that ball thing and can i find it in the pet store? I guess i could watch youtube on how to get her interested in it.

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onyx'girl 12-20-2013 10:28 PM

You need to give her some structure(limit her freedom some!) She shouldn't be given the choice to run around when you are training. She should be on a line and giving you focus/rewarded when she does good.

The treibball can be an exercise ball that people use, but you have to teach the dog not to bite it, there are youtubes on that, as well as info on tracking and nosework. If you can get her into a class that may be helpful.

adriannrockie 12-20-2013 10:29 PM

She mentally and here lately have been emotionally draining me cuz she has gotten smart and waits till my back is turned to jump and sometimes she even goes to find our 3yr old to do it and its always for no reason our 3yr old can be playing with her sister lol - really not funny but she now waits till my back is turned or im out of the room so she doesnt get her correction (forced to go back to her place- bed. She kinda gets grounded for a few minutes where shes not allowed to have free roam. Weve tried the ecollar on her and it works with everything else (use the vibration mostly) but she ignores it when being told no jump along with it and it involves our 3yr old.

Sounds weird but i think she needs taught self control in a way but how do you even go about that with a dog lol her on off switch is a short flip between the 2 so it doesnt take much for the off to get flipped to on and at times she can come straight out of a dead sleep n be rearing to go and this is after a hard play and long walk.

I guess feeling pretty defeated by a 4 legged 6mo old lol

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adriannrockie 12-20-2013 10:30 PM

Ive tried on a line when training and my arms get tired before we even get 2mins i to it she is stronger then she looks and have tried a tie out so the stake in the ground is taking her force but she just tries to pull it out of the ground or lays there and whines doesnt care if i have treats or anything.

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sit,stay 12-20-2013 10:32 PM

Training will help! It will help focus her energy and (as already mentioned), will engage her mind. I would strongly encourage you to sign up for classes with a trainer who is experienced with herding breeds. Get some solid basic obedience skills in place and then move on to some activity(s) that interests you both. I enjoy agility and tracking and sheep herding. There are so many activities you can get involved in with your dog. does sound like she needs more exercise. It sounds like you have your hands full, but your pup sounds like a do that needs more exercise than she is getting.

Although I know that it can be overwhelming, remember that the effort you put into her now will pay off for the rest of her life.

Good luck!

adriannrockie 12-20-2013 10:34 PM

I guess i should also say i think a lot of this is correction from her last home she came pre house broken and crate trained and already knew to sit. But was left lose when they had to go to work and i dont know how much attention she got aside from what her old aussie friend got. She tends to try and push herself (she is nice about it) between rockie and ur hand. And rockie has no chance since hes so small. She also will take toys off him even if she already has one. Will let him take it back but 2secs later just take it back for herself (and if he just takes the toy she had she takes that too lol)

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onyx'girl 12-20-2013 10:34 PM

She is still a puppy, at 6 months the self control isn't yet established. What type of collar is she wearing for training?

At 6 months a prong is ok, but I would put it on her a few times with no line attached so she gets use to the feel. Can you get her into a class? That would help both of you!
Does she have a crate?

adriannrockie 12-20-2013 10:37 PM

She is getting walks throughout the day (i work from home) and a long walk (which i end up carrying rockie half way thru cuz his little legs just cant make it lol) after my husband gets home so he can be in the house with the kids. And that walk is usually 45mins to an hr depending on the weather (ive walked in a hard snow just for her lol). And everytime they go out shes allowed to run a bit and i throw the duck/rope around with her a bit.

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