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guice 12-19-2013 09:36 PM

Sampson started-up misbehaving while at work
For the last year, Sampson, my 4yr old GSD, has been a great sport while I'm out at work. He never got onto counters. Never got into the trash. Never ventured into something that wasn't "dog food."

But now, in the last two weeks, he's done this at least 5 times... What gives? He's eaten hair product, attempted eye drops (glass bottle, didn't get any), toiletry trash, protein powder cup, and plastic bag used to cap some message oil...

Why is he doing all this now? He's been great for so long... The only thing that has changed is my partner has been kicking him out of the bedroom, confining him to the frontroom at night. However, we've upped our training with him, and he's been improving ... except for this one spot, in which he's getting worse. I don't get it. Can somebody help to explain this? Is it rebellious behavior? I know cats rebel, but I didn't dogs did it, too.


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