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Unhappy hyper and stop jumping tips

hi, so I have been reading the forum and need some help with our german australian shepherd (50 german and 50 aussie) she is 6mos/7mos now we have had her about a month maybe 2 and yes I know some people say and feel they will grow out of hyperness, but i am the type of person that believes we as owners it is our duty to teach them manners/obedience even at a young age that hyper actions/reactions are not okay. I have had 2 german shepherds growing up one was a saddle back and the other (can't remember the type) was dark colors and had the appearance of a wolf like but you could tell was a german shepherd, neither were hyper only the first 5 mins after coming home from some where or school and then they were the most melo dogs ever.

Both the issues hyperness and the jumping are semi linked. we got her broke/understanding that you don't jump on people or guest, but when it comes to our 3yr old daughter that is a different story. Adrian has learned that if our back is turned or I am out of the room she doesn't get her correction and told back to her place because I can't time it correctly with her action (so she knows why she is getting the correction). Anyways my 3yr old loves her but I dont know if it is because she is eye level with adrian (as she doesnt do it with our 6yr old or 1yr old - she is really buddies with our 1yr old and hes only a big shorter then our 3yr old the worst he gets from her is a tail to the eyes but isn't adrians fault she just forgets she has a tail lol) but adrian randomly will just go and jump (not really a jump she jumps but then turns side ways and the force of her body is what knocks our 3yr old over) at times it will take our 3yr old clean offer her feet and flat on her back. The one time my 3yr old was out in the kitchen with me and in comes adrian for no reason and does the jump thing to her which knocks her over. my 3yr old is to the point now when they are outside playing she wont play unless adrian is on leash or tie out.

Adrian and rockie (hes a silky - its like a yorkie if no one knows what a silky is) get daily walks even during the winter time and a good long walk when my husband is home and I don't have to take any of the 3 kids with me this way we can walk at a quicker pace. Everytime they go out (she has put herself on rockies bathroom schedule lol, so that is every 30-45mins) they get 20-45min run time through the yard to play and I'd say they go out 20+ times a day. And after our long evening walks they get an extra hr of run time through our yard. even after the evening walk/yard run she still comes in hyper/and will still at random times try to do the jump thing with our 3yr old sometimes she looks for her to do it or to get up in her face (which she knows with anyone she is to get permission to get kisses, we did this because of our 1yr old and adrian's size which is inbetween a german shepherd and aussie). I have tried playing ball with her she shows no interest, she may go investigate the ball sometimes but other then that nothing. Ive thought of frisbee play but don't know how to teach a dog to do that and also don't think she will want to since she has no ball interest. shes into hearding and running, she runs rockie and at times lets him chase her we just have to watch that she stays easy since he is so small, we just don't want her to think it is okay chasing the kids when they are trying to play or anytime for that matter so she is on leash if they want to play (which is a work out for my arms because she still tries to join in but her mindset goes from playing with them to herding them (minus the nipping) and then she adds jumping into that).

I work from home so I am always trying to do obedience with her, she knows stay-sit-down- and working on shake etc. as extra tricks (she is stubborn and just wants the treat/dog food piece then to do the trick even with rockie beside her showing her the he does it and then gets the reward). Someone said to give her a job, so I tried doing the hiding toys/treats (even showing her where i am putting them here lately just to get her to go and get them) she will just lay there even after told to go get it, our silky will sit there waiting and after a while looks at her "if you aren't going to get it i will" so he goes searching and gets it brings it back which she then takes it offer him. Along the lines of agility I have thought of it but we have nothing locally, and I don't know which parts of agility would be good to mentally drain her so that we can build it ourselves and then how to also go about teaching her to use it. She shows no interest in anything I have tried that I have done with past dogs growing up, she is so far just into running and more running lol. I am still hoping I can find something to peak her interest. We have a kong and hollow chew bone that we put canned dog food in if we need to run to the store or somewhere her and rockie can't come with (we use to do pb but it was making her loose). She has a nylabone that she likes to chew and ropes (we don't play tug of war because it confuses her then when you tell to drop something and go get it she thinks that you are wanting to play "the game").

she is a good dog, crate trained, off leash trained (but I only let it in our yard as you can't predict what will tick off another dog when we are out an about), and is pretty obedient all but these little issues. we got her from a nice couple that got her as a guard dog but were getting rid of her because they didn't think she would get german size and her playmate then was an aussie who played with a frisbee, but I guess she also would just want to take her toys from her and not really play anything like that. Adrian is also jealous if rockie is getting pet or attention (we try to give him his own time so he isn't feeling left out since we have had him since he was 12wks and hes 7mos now, as his big dog trapped in a little dog antics were starting to show backup and we didn't want that) she isn't mean or aggressive when it comes to being jelouse she is just like a little kid that gets a new sibling and gets right up there with you or tries to pull the attention over to her by shoving/pushing her head between your hand and rockie (which the best he can do is put his paws on her head since she out strengths him). So I don't know if Adrian wasn't shown a lot at her old home or what. But I had to train her to be confident on leash when we got her, the other command minus sit as she already knew that, and she didn't have to be crate/housebroken as she already was just taught that our yard is our yard do not leave it as they would leave her lose when they went to work and were sure she stayed at their place (I don't believe so as the first week or so I had to keep the leash on her so I could grab it and pull her back in our bounderies as one time she went across the road - we live out of city limits but at times the road can be busy).

any tips/suggestions would be appreciated as we enjoy her, she is a part of our family, but my cousin is willing to take her if we need her to and that is last resort but we have to think of our 3yr old who keeps being the target of the jump thing (even though adrian knows its a no and she will not do it to anyone else any more so I have no idea why she thinks our 3yr old is fair game and for random times with no apparent reason - as I could understand if our 3yr old was egging it on which then it would mean we teach both parties how to act correctly but this isn't the case). I enjoy working with dogs and training them I'm just lost on this one have never had a hyper german shepherd or a medium/large dog that I haven't been able to find the wear out play and mental play to control the hyperness and to fully break the jumping. We got adrian after we lost our westie/schnauzer mix to cancer so we want to make sure she stays a part of our family.
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