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marbury 12-04-2013 10:54 PM

Potty Training Pains
I have an elderly dog that's staying with me. He's 14 and, bless his heart, doesn't have the best control of his bladder and bowels. He had a spell of diarrhea this past week and has had several bouts on my (fully carpeted) floor. It's frustrating because I can't very well reprimand him since he's not able to control himself and it happens either when I'm gone for a few hours or during the night. If I crate him he messes himself and I don't have the heart to leave the old man outside. I have fired up the big ol' carpet cleaner more times in the last week than I have the entire year I've owned it prior! I use Nature's Miracle first and then a pet odor concentrate in the carpet cleaning machine doohickey.

To top that off, tonight I had a ninja pooper. One of my GSDs (all of whom were 100% potty trained) had a potty break in my room about ten minutes after we'd been outside for a half hour for breaks. Mind you, my house has TWO ROOMS. I was here, I was less than two feet away and had my eyes on everybody in my line of vision, so whoever did it was VERY skilled. I hollered and stomped around cleaning it up and everyone sulked and sucked up and apologized. But I couldn't reprimand anybody in particular because I had no idea which of the five it was.

So now I'm terrified that somehow our potty training is somehow backsliding. I have exceptionally clean dogs, no one ever goes in the house (I'm frankly appalled by small-dog people that just 'accept' that their dogs are going to potty in the house... makes me shudder) and I LIKE it that way. I'm hoping it's a totally irrational fear/worry that suddenly everyone will be like "oh, poop in the house! Yay!"

I love everybody, but in-house potties make my blood boil. If I catch somebody doing it I'll have to put myself in time-out before I'll be able to deal with them so I'm calm enough not to do something I'll regret, lol!

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