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PMO 12-03-2013 09:43 AM

1 year old GSD acting stingy and stubborn?
My wife and I have had our GSD since she was 7 weeks old, we also adopted her sister which lives with my father about an hour away. My girl (Maddie) has recently become rather stingy, she will lay on the couch not near us, if we go to give her kisses she will turn her head away from us. When I come home from work she still goes crazy loves the attention and affection but then she will lay by herself or even just get up and go upstairs to lay on the bed alone.

Now this tends to occur more often after my father has left and her sister is gone so I can assume that may have something to do with it but even if my father hasnt been around for a month she is still very stingy and stubborn. We have a 10yr old Husky in the house who is very all-to-herself so that prolly doesnt help the fact. Husky wants nothing to do with the puppy and tends to just lay by herself either outside or inside. Not sure if it helps to mention but we have about a 1/3 acre of yard all fenced in and doggy door so Maddie can always come and go as she pleases.

Not sure if theres any advice or maybe this is just a teenager type stage she is going through, again shes very happy to see us, listens so well, sleeps on the bed usually with us but tends to not wanna come over to be petted or if you try to give her kisses she will just turn away or just go lay by herself.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I am thinking maybe just more interactions with her like fetch or something, I am not sure, wife and I are kind of confused by all this but maybe being away from her sister upsets her a lot I dont know.

Baillif 12-03-2013 09:53 AM

Dogs don't interpret "kisses" the same way we do. The face licking and kissing isn't so much affection as it is a gesture of supplication. Getting all up in a dogs face can be seen as confrontational, and possibly cause avoidance behaviors. I won't really get into that though.

Regardless of all of this, kisses like anything, can be trained. If you have treats around you when you get kisses you mark and reward the behavior. Licking your own lips quickly near the dog could trigger the behavior so you could mark reward. I would be cautious of having dogs take food out of your mouth for kisses or something like that as it could easily get you bit by accident. Many a person has lip scars from that technique.

gsdsar 12-03-2013 01:46 PM

Kissing is an odd thing for most dogs. Some dogs really don't like it. Does not mean they don't love you.

My boy is the kissing monster. He will lick me until I push him away, BUT, if I try to snuggle with him, he walks away. Each dog is different. Some love physical interaction, some don't. Does not reflect on their love or happiness.

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Courtney 12-03-2013 03:37 PM

All dogs are different. Some like or don't mind being kissed, hugged and cuddled with. Some are just fine being in the same room with you.

I'm in the camp of giving her that space if she doesn't want to be kissed, seriously.

I would not look at it being stingy or stubborn - remove the human emotions from it;)

Harry and Lola 12-03-2013 03:48 PM

I have found that females are more aloof, they do like their space, their time alone and are not very cuddly (well the ones I have had) compared to males, who are more affectionate. Just my experience over the years with males and females.

Galathiel 12-03-2013 04:00 PM

I taught my puppy to "buss" .. yeah I like the archaic form of "kiss" and use it to mean a kiss or peck on the cheek. For it, all he does it put his nose to my cheek .. so cute and don't have to worry about teeth getting accidently in the way! That said, he is getting more affectionate as he gets older, however, he has always been too 'busy' to spend time cuddling. He just now at 8 months old (today!!!!), will come lean against me so I can scratch.

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