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allryuken 02-09-2013 11:02 PM

Please help with walking issues!
Hi guys,

My GSD is now just over six months old, I have absolutely enjoyed life with him and he has been a pleasure. I have not had the opportunity for him to meet or spend time with as many other dogs as I would have liked. i don't know many dog owners, and it always seems like the dog parks I go to are empty.

When I walk him, other dog owners we come across some fearful.

Anyway, about 2-3 months ago I started doing regular walks with him that where about 2 kilometres in length, he seemed to enjoy these walks and would take a half hour nap afterwoulds. As he's gotten older it got easier.

About half a kilometre into the walk, we would get to a small park, there was a dirt path branching off down into the trees, there was also a small path at the back of the park that lead between two houses (fenced on both sides of path) and back to the streets, every day we would walk between these two fences and loop through the streets and back home.

One day he started refusing to walk up this path. He would sit and refuse to walk, he would keep turning his head and looking back. He does this when he wants to go in a certain direction.

I did not want to do anything physical to my dog, so I tried everything, I tried out waiting him and facing the way I wanted to go, I tried using treats and rewards, I tried using toys, I tried using sticks, but he refused to go up this path.

I started to instead head down the dirt path into the tree's, and he loved this. This path actually lead to a huge reserve with lots of big fields and forest trails to walk along, so we enjoyed walking around here many times.

This week however, he has started to refuse to walk. About half a kilometre down the road, before we even get to the first park he continually sits down and refuses to walk and just looks back towards our house. With some coaxing he will keep walking with me, but he just does not want to walk.

When I get the lead out at him he wags his tail and runs to the door and appears happy, but then he just seems to want to turn around and race home.

I'm not sure where to go from here :\

Mary Beth 02-10-2013 01:06 PM

It seems like something has scared him. It could be a the scent of a wild animal, or maybe a loud noise. Or he could be even be tired, growing pains, especially if this is a long walk, or even bored. When my Sting was that age, he would sometimes get that way, especially if I had been taking him for long walks day after day - same location, no one around. I would then switch and go different places where there were people (he is a sociable dog) and also slow down - let him sniff and look. I would shorten the walk and even drive to get to different places.

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