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Allie512 12-27-2012 11:45 AM

Destructive Behavior 7 yr old GSD
Hi -
We moved from Miami to Las Vegas in early December. Allie, our 7 year old GSD and Ziggy (mix -rescue) were incredible on the 7 day trip; they managed hotel lobbies, the long car ride, etc. like champions. However, watching their home in Miami being packed up, having to spend 3 nights in a kennel prior to leaving has taken a toll. Ziggy - is doing all right - he is a sweet but stubborn mix of what we think is Anatolian Shepherd and lab came out of the boarding very angry and growled at everything but is now being the sweet Ziggy again.
Allie, on the other hand, is now so destructive that we take her everywhere with us - the one time we had to both leave to buy appliances, we hired a dog sitter. If people come to to house to give estimates for work to be done, we cannot leave her in another room as she will tear down blinds, chew tables, etc. within minutes. I understand that Allie, since 10/1/12 has lost her companion Murphy and her home but we do not know how to deal with this. Dog sitters are very expensive, the new vet we are meeting tomorrow will do doggy day care at a reasonable price but that is not a long term solution. We are considering an Xtra large crate but I am afraid Allie will hurt herself.

Please any suggestions on how to deal with this. We have not been able to grocery shop, have dinner or lunch out, explore anything as one of us has to sit in the car with Allie while the other goes in the store. This will not work at all once it gets hot here - right now it is quite chilly.

Thank you.

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