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donalds1 12-14-2012 02:42 PM

Replacing an old friend...
Currently I live at home with my parents with a year left of college. I adopted Sampson (born 4/1/2012) earlier this year who acted as a friend and best pal of our 13 y/o Lab, Kelsey. She has since passed on and left not only Sampson without a friend, but also my parents without a dog of their own. As I do not plan on living with them for the majority of Sampson's life, I am going to adopt a puppy for them as a christmas gift. Yes I have already consulted them and yes they know what it entails as they were there as I raised and trained Sampson. I know most of you are against the idea of adding a puppy to the family when Sampson will only be 10 mos. but beyond the bickering and fighting over whether it is the right thing or the wrong thing, I am simply asking what steps I can take to make sure both dogs are trained properly, while still behaving well as friends.

donalds1 12-14-2012 02:46 PM

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JeanKBBMMMAAN 12-14-2012 03:17 PM

I see you are in Buffalo - not sure where you will be adopting the new dog from, but perhaps Sampson could help choose the dog - I am not saying puppy because he might like an older buddy - you never know. With rescue we always have the dogs meet and see how they do - there is usually a pretty clear message one way or another - though sometimes it's just "meh" which is okay too!

Of course, the owners are not always the best judge of it because they see a dog they want badly and try to shove that square peg in round hole - and end up with a bad situation - so you want to have a few different eyes on the dogs' meetings. You do say "as you raised and trained Sampson" which is only since you got him at 10 months - so there is a lot more to go there, but if they are the ones getting the dog, and they are the ones taking care of it, I am guessing that means that the whole family will be involved in its care.

I believe there are 2 Karen Pryor trained clicker trainers in the Buffalo area, and there is another (I am just copying and pasting one of my old posts here):
I do not know this trainer personally - I did a search on the CPDT website for find a trainer:

But she has 2 Dutch Shepherds and more than a trainer who can work with Shepherds, I look for trainers that work with breeds that are harder to train and she does have a JRT/Bulldog mix - yeep. ;)

I would contact and go out to observe, and do that with some other places as well, and see what you think. I do appreciate her philosophy as it is written and always like to see it in action if I can before bringing my dog in.

Good luck.

ETA - Is Sampson adopted/are you actually adopting as in a shelter/rescue?

Telling whoever you are getting the dog from what you told us will be helpful to them.

Editing again - a female MIGHT be the better bet, personalities and temperaments matching will matter most.

donalds1 12-14-2012 03:29 PM

I should have been a little more clear, my apologies. I purchased Sampson at 8 weeks from a breeder in Albion, NY and he is now 10 months. My intention was to get a female as that is commonly the best option when I already have Sam. This same breeder has a litter from the same Sire, but different Dam.

wolfy dog 12-14-2012 03:35 PM

Then a female pup would be a good idea if your parents are up to the task. My WD is also 10 months old and needs tons of training and exercise so make sure both dogs get what they need. Make sure they don't bond too closely. If you take Sampson with you after college the new dog should not be traumatized so your parents will have to do the majority of her training so she bonds well to them. Enjoy this projec and the years to come.

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