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Guinness 12-09-2012 09:06 PM

Rescue Dog GSD/Husky

Recently we got a rescue dog. He is a mix of a GSD and a Husky. Currently about 6months - 1 year old . We are still working on identifying his age.

We had him for 1 week and he already learned how to: Sit, Stay, Shake a paw, lay down and leave it commands. We also currently walk him with a Gentle leader as he used to pull before. Now he pees and dose his business when we tell him to do so.

He also now has to sit and wait for all the humans to go through the door first before he dose.

His overall behavior is great - He is friendly with other dogs and he is very friendly with humans.

Despite the great success that we had with him. There are some issues that need to be immediately addressed and I am seeking for advice/wondering if I am on the right track.

1) End of day or early morning something will click in his head and he will start misbehaving. He will jump on the couch while we keep telling him not to. We will constantly say NO, but he insists and keeps doing it. The only way for me to stop him is to grab him by his scruff and tie him to the door for a timeout.

2) This also happens end of day or early morning - He will nibble an bite our hands. We constantly pretend we get hurt and walk away, screaming "OWW" - Sometimes he will listen sometimes no.

3) He also gets very food possessive. He used to growl at us when we get near him - Through some work we can put our hand on his head, but not take his food away without him reacting at us.

We take him on 4-6 walks a day.

Any help or advice on how to deal with those 3 problems would be appreciated. Remember I only had him for a week now.


GSDSadie 12-10-2012 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by Guinness (Post 2651399)

Remember I only had him for a week now.

I think you need to remember that.

You have only had him a week yet you expect him to know his role and where he stands in the pack. I would be spending lots of time just enjoying him and bonding :) If you keep nagging him saying "no" "no" "no" he will just stop taking notice of you. Say it once, if he ignores you, MOVE HIM.

I give my girl one chance to do as she is told (if she knows the command very well) like sit. If she doesn't sit I'll push her bum down. And if she gets on the couch I tell her to get off, if she ignores I'll pull her off by her collar. Have you trained him to lay down on his own mat? It's a very useful one

I've had my girl for only 3 weeks tomorrow

I'm sure someone with way more experience than me will chime in

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