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GSDlover09 11-18-2012 07:56 PM

Needing help please advice.
So I was just on Craigslist three days ago there was a post about a man giving a German Shepard away for free to a good home. Sounds perfect right?

Upon talking to this person, he begun to tell me that she lived with a lady for 9 years and she couldn't "afford" her anymore she wanted her to go to a home where she was taken care of. "She was a house dog", he was told. He got her for the main purpose of breeding her. She's 9-10 I thought to myself. I didn't think when dogs are that old that they "could" breed still. Am I wrong?

He (the man who posted tosha the German Shepard) on Craigslist, put her in a kennel outside with two other GSD's. Each having their own kennel with a house.

Granted he was building a kennel that looks like a pole barn. Seemed to she'd have a great life to a point. I think all dogs no matter how many you have need human contact and love. She lacked this.

I got there she was EXTREMELY timid and scared. She kept running back into her dog house that he built her. She looked as if she was going to bite out of fear. She didn't though. My child was present and she wasn't mean to her at all so I narrowed it down to maybe she's just super timid she'll warm up us.

I asked him if he had any extra food so I could ween her off that to our high quality dog food we have our pembroke welsh Corgis on. His response was, "No I've been hunting and giving her raw deer meat." A lot of Michigan's deer had been dying due to contamination of some kind. So immediately I was shocked and thought that's not good. So he offered me some and I refused.

I thought I made the drive out there seems he has no idea to properly take care of amazing dog breed so I got her out of there. I put her in the car she was nervous but settled down and laid in the back hatch of my SUV.

I got her home she was still super timid. I begun a full body check for abuse and to see her teeth and all around just check her out. No physical signs of scars or anything UNTIL I looked at her teeth. They are ground down to her roots. K9's and all front teeth. I did some research of teeth grinding maybe it was due to high stress levels of being from inside the house to going to 7 months of being outside and alone. I'm hoping no human being did this to her.

Ill get her vet attention no problem. I'm just unsure of how to get her potty trained due to being outside using the bathroom when she pleased.

I'm also unsure how to feed her. Canned food doesn't have the necessary components to keep her healthy and stay on for long term. The other day I took part can food and mixed it with mushed dog food from my supply for my dogs. She didn't take to it. I was wondering if any one had advice to how I can get her to eat. I'm unsure how sensitive her teeth are. She won't eat hard food.

I don't believe I got the full truth from this man and its very upsetting to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

GSDlover09 11-18-2012 08:02 PM

Adding to that...her teeth were down to the roots when I inspected her mouth.

llombardo 11-18-2012 08:07 PM

You can try pre made raw. Its soft enough for her to chew and the ingredients are great. You have done what lots of people wouldn't have...adopted a senior dog that on top of that has clearly been somewhat abused....God Bless YOU!!! See what the vet says about her health, at the very least she can live out the rest of her time in a warm house, with good food, and people that love her. As far as potty training, mine was 12 weeks and outside for about a month and I had a heck of a time. Its all about routine and being consistent. I'm sure yours can hold it longer then a puppy. Good Luck and please keep us updated.

1sttimeforgsd 11-18-2012 08:07 PM

Thank you for rescuing her, hopefully someone will come along and have some suggestions for you. I have no idea about the teeth, I don't see how the poor girl could eat unless she has been swallowing food whole.

1sttimeforgsd 11-18-2012 08:10 PM

I forgot to add that my little terrier mix was a rescue dog that had been in a shelter for the first year of her life and I just potty trained her like she was a puppy. It did not take too long untill she caught on, good luck with your girl.

onyx'girl 11-18-2012 08:12 PM

Her teeth are probably worn from age and poor nutrition.
What about getting her a premade raw that has ground bone? I don't know if the venison is dangerous, most of the deer in MI have already died off that were bitten by the midge.
What part of the state are you in? Welcome to the site by the way! I hope Tosha has found her forever home to live out her twilight years!

msvette2u 11-18-2012 08:24 PM

I would recommend a "two week shut down" immediately.

I'd not worry about canned food not having the proper nutrients, it has to, to be on the shelf. But you could soften kibble, too, by soaking it a while before her meal.

Deer meat can have all kinds of issues if given raw, including worms and even a type of "mad cow", I forget what it's called though. Hopefully she's avoided those issues. Two week shut down instructions (and reasoning behind it)

GSDlover09 11-19-2012 12:11 AM

Thank you for all your suggestions. By the way where would I purchase this premade raw lol

Freestep 11-19-2012 12:26 AM

It's not unusual for an older dog's teeth to be worn. If the dog is 9-10 years old, she has probably worn down her canines from chewing, but if she wasn't well cared for in the past and suffered from malnutrition, that could have weakened her teeth. In any case, I doubt anyone filed them or anything like that.

Don't worry about canned food not being nutritious enough; pet food, both dry and canned, can't be sold as a "complete and balanced" diet unless it is a complete source of nutrition, so you can feed her nothing but canned food and she'll be fine. But if she's not eating at first, it's likely due more to anxiety than painful teeth.

NWHeather 11-19-2012 12:29 AM

Oh, poor girl :(
I'm glad she's with you now.

I feed my two Common Sense & have been very happy with it. It's the food all of the area PD K9's eat.
Another good raw premade food that I have used before is Darwin's, made out of Seattle. They deliver to your door once a month. It is more expensive, which is why I went with Common Sense, & I just go pick it up at the vendors place.

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