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Paul K 11-09-2012 06:13 PM

Training preferences.
Just after some views and opinions. Im not judging but just like your experiences, preferences and why if you dont mind.
Many years ago I had a German Shep (Talking about 20 yrs) Training was with a slip collar, verbal reprimands with a stern harsh voice and lots of praise. This seemed to work well from memory. The other night I went to the local dog obedience club. Everybody walking around with little bum bags on giving their dogs little treats for everything they done, using the treat to make the dog lie etc etc. It seemed to me the only reward was food. Now I know fads come and go and different styles come and go too like clicker training. So I am interested to know what you do with your dog (tacking, obedience etc) and your preferred method of training :help: Thanks for you time and input.

onyx'girl 11-09-2012 07:07 PM

I train one of my dogs in IPO, so tracking, obedience and protection.
Food reward when he indicates articles and a flirtpole with a fox tail on the end of it is his jackpot at this time. He isn't really food motivated so a food jackpot at the end doesn't get him excited, nor does tug or a ball...he'd rather keep on tracking. But when he finds his fuzzy tail, he knows he succeeded.

I like to play tug, and build enthusiasm before we work in obedience. I ask for some ups, turns, circles before we begin. Then I ask for these after a correction or to bring him back into engagement.
I don't use harsh voice very often(try not to!) but do communicate when the dog isn't doing what I want and communicate when he is. So uh-uh and good are my bridge words, then yes is the marker. I also use leash jingles, collar pops to bring his focus back to me when I use the uh-uhs. Free is the release word.

For protection lately my bridge word is quiet and good. My dog is a barker and we are working on this with good results!
I'm also training him via e-collar for more control work. I use food, ball and praise(chest rubs, verbal) for his rewards during this training too. We trained this with place on a agility size place-board, wobble-board, and smaller place-boards along with sitz, heir's platz's and voraus. Place is his word to give me focus and sit when I move to his tail, he moves to face me. dogs may shut down with the way I am training and harder dogs wouldn't be phased. When I give him food rewards I have him drive into me or do an up for that reward, seldom do I reward in position(but this is an older dog, for a pup, it would be rewarded in position with an up)
Every dog is different, so individual methods are more important than preferred methods. Softer
I'd rather gear my training to the dog than what I 'prefer' if that makes sense?

x11 11-09-2012 08:48 PM

i use food reward and marker training 100% for all learning, one of my dogs will spit out food now and go for the tug so it is trained with the tug reward unless i want to reduce its intensity then its food (never both in same session) other dog will spit tug out and go for food so it is trained mainly food reward.

i reduce the frequency of and randomise the reward after learning is established. the few things i want proofed i use food and tugs as a distraction.

i could not imagine any reason excpet ignorance for any other method of training these days than marker training for early learning - we have old competitors here that call it a trend, unreliable and oh that dogs just working for a reward (as oppossed to avoiding pain presumably).

the truth is their best performances from yesteryear would score very low compared to todays performances with marker training - thats the truth of it. shame you tube was not around 20 years ago - a lot of older trainers would have a lot less to say.

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