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Your disbelief is in itself shocking to me...

i call your shock and it raise it one incredulity.

i just think dogs are fallible (like humans actually) and that anyone who assumes a dog isn't is plain negligent.

But aside from all this, barking at the fence is pretty normal behavior and not indicative of any behavior problem per se.

agreed its a dog barking at another dog thru a fence, prolly more normal than a dog that doesn't i would guess....

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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
They're oblivious disagreements!!!

Sorry, I just had too.

i disagree, we have no disagreements......agreed?

insert smiley face
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Originally Posted by x11 View Post
i disagree, we have no disagreements......agreed?

insert smiley face
Oh, I bet there are many things we would disagree on, nothing wrong with that. It would be wrong to have no disagreements. Some weird boring utopia.

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but if i agree that there are things we can disagree on where does that leave me agreement or not????
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I think x11 is bringin' a lil spice.

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Originally Posted by Jax08 View Post
Charging the fence when someone is merely walking by is not a job, it's a bad habit. A dog can protect a place without charging the road when a person is walking on the road. The people aren't attempting to enter his property, they are walking on a public road. I live in the middle of nowhere and I'll stand by what I said...a person should be able to walk on a public road that they pay taxes to maintain without being harassed by a charging dog.
I agree.

To the OP, I'm confused as to why you bothered to post on here?
It seems like you are only wanting someone here to validate your dog's bad habits, and that's not likely going to happen.

I feel badly for the person wanting to take their new puppy out for a walk and being harassed by your dog, even if it's from behind a fence.

I think warning barks are ok if someone is approaching your home, but your dog IS intelligent enough to differentiate between someone passing by your house, and someone who's actually approaching it.

ETA: I think the vast majority of dogs who behave like this are actually not great protection dogs. They react out of fear, weak nerves - and this is not the type of dog who should ever be used to any kind of protection - they are a liability.

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i posted to get some perspectives, as always on forums you get a range of opinions which is a good thing. it is not possible to agree or disagree with evryone when you get different opinions.

my decision of what to do with my dog is mine alone as are the consequences.

you might feel badly for the harrassed pup - so do i, thats why its even a problem for me and why i posted.

not hard to go to any suburban block and get harrassed by dozens of dogs any given night in any town in any country - not the slightest problem at all for any of those people.

you miss the bit where i said i will be subdividing my fence to allow no direct access to the road?? hope that pleases you.
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Originally Posted by x11 View Post
i just think dogs are fallible (like humans actually) and that anyone who assumes a dog isn't is plain negligent.
Who said dogs aren't fallible?

All I'm saying is that they CAN recognize a threat from a non-threat.

It does take exposing the dog to all different types of people in all different types of situations, so that they can learn to discriminate. This is best done as young as possible, basically from birth on up.

Now, when a dog is on his own property and a stranger with a strange dog walk by the fence, he's going to bark. That's just territorial behavior, but it's also self-rewarding because every time he charges and barks at the fence, the "intruder" keeps on walking and leaves the area. In the dog's mind, he succeeded in chasing off the "intruder", and so is made to feel stronger.

It's exactly the same scenario as the mailman. Every day, the mailman walks up to the property, the dog barks, and the mailman leaves. The dog thinks it was his barking that scared the man away.

Basically, this same scenario is enacted when a pup is started in personal protection training. The pup's confidence is built when he thinks that his barking caused a potential threat to retreat.

Dogs that are fearful, undersocialized, or lacking in confidence may learn to use aggression as a "crutch" when they feel threatened. After all, it's always made those nasty "intruders" go away, so any time he is afraid or uncertain, aggression is likely to become his default response. This is a dangerous situation that can put you in a position of liabiity.

Even stable, well-adjusted dogs will bark at the fence, but should be able to be called off easily, introduced to the person, and thereby assured that there is no real threat. If the dog is unstable, fearful, or simply undersocialized or undertrained, he may not take your word for it that the person is harmless.

If it is your cur dog that is doing the charging and barking at the fence, it is understandable, as curs are notoriously distrustful of strangers. I believe this trait is valued by breed fanciers, as a good hunting dog is a valuable animal. While hounds are friendly and trusting and would allow themselves to be stolen, curs are not, and would no sooner go quietly with a stranger than let their leg be cut off.

While this may be a bonus for rural folk, this is not a temperament that lends itself well to city or suburban life where people are living packed closely together. It sounds like your neighbor may be a transplant from the city. Have you met or spoken to her? It might be worth your while just to let her know that you're concerned about her pup and don't want her to be frightened, and that you're taking measures to keep your dog from charging the fence. It's always a good idea to keep neighbor relations on a peaceful, even keel whenever possible.
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thanks for comments and yes the cur can get a bit nutso around strangers and yes it is fear based/genetic mistrust presumably. she is not a ppd dog, she is an alert dog at best. but yes i do want her to alert, then run like **** if it escalates.

the herder is a different dog all together; bred different, looks different, is different.

i would argue however that all suspicion/fight.... is well rooted in fear and all dogs are the same that way.

here is what my pregnant cur deals with a snake in the place, doubt you would do this twice with yr herder, edited video;

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wow how many houses do we pass with a nasty dog behind the fence when we go for walks? Usually for me the dog is NEVER behind the fence its tied out in the front lawn and comes charging up to the side walk trying to snap at us.

I can't belive how serious people take a dog behind a fence out in the country when people are trying dogs out in front yards all over that go ape crazy when u walk down the side walk. Forget tying many just sit out on the lawns with no leash even lol

The woman walking her pup shepherd must like it she keeps walking by his fence or something maybe shes doing it on purpose who knows.

I would not worry about it considering the billions of other dogs in the city and close to side walks we have to deal with non stop.

Also How bad can this dog be ? It sure looks ike it accepted a puppy shepherd into its home and was playing with 2 strange border collies also.

We choose where we walk, we can walk in front of a nasty dog inches away from its face on a side walk or we go some place else. If it scars the puppy that is the owners fault because there are millions of dogs like his just waiting to bark snarl at a sweet puppy or small dog walking by.

LIke the other poster said he can do whatever he wants with his dog and his dog can act however it wants on his property as long as it doesnt get out and hurt a dog.

Why are people also giving him advice on gsd's for this issue when this dog is nothing like a gsd?

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