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KelP 07-04-2014 01:35 PM

Breeders around MA/NH area?
I have been researching German Shepherd breeders. We are looking in MA or NH area;I've come across a few - Von Hena-C , Nordosten Kennel, Ryanhaus. Has anyone bought from them or have any feedback? Any recommendations appreciated!

Jax08 07-04-2014 01:53 PM

Abby Kennels is in Mass.

John C. 07-09-2014 10:59 AM

To get the best recommendation it would help if you could tell us a little more about yourself and what you are looking for in a GSD. American lines or import. If import are you looking for a working line breeder or show line? West German or DDR/Czech? Any strong preferences as far as color and appearance?

Have you ever owned a GSD before? Are you interested in doing schutzhund/obedience/agility/SAR? Do you have kids? Other pets?

I know this can seem overwhelming, particularly if you are a first time GSD owner and just want a healthy dog with a stable temperament that will make a good pet. But there are a wide range of breeders, who have differing goals and use different lines. A lot of it is matching the right breeder to the right person.

For example, I have some familiarity with Abby Kennels. Visited the kennel, met one of his stud dogs, saw a couple of older puppies and know someone who has one of his dogs. A lot of the people who own his dogs do Schutzhund or fairly serious obedience training and he has some great dogs. But I'm not sure his puppies would be a good fit for a first time GSD owner with kids who doesn't have the time or the inclination to get the dog involved in some kind of training/work.

KelP 07-10-2014 09:34 AM

Thanks for the feedback- a little about us...We have two children 6 and 9, no current pets, and have never owned a GSD. We have no preference color; the most important quality is a healthy dog with a stable temperament. I do not plan on showing the dog in any competitions, but while researching I am drawn to DDR.

PINESTATE 07-10-2014 02:37 PM

Atlantic k9 in Boxbury MA breeds and trains GSD and jack Russell's. My most recent GSD is from there and she is a sweetheart.

VTcoach 07-10-2014 04:05 PM

Check your private messages.

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