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GSDreamer 02-05-2014 04:54 PM

picked out a puppy and might be questioning my self. HELP!!
ill start out with a little about me. i am looking to get a GSD puppy for my family of 3 and a birthday gift for my son. i grey up with cats and had 2 dogs as i was young. but i didnt have the privileged of having my GSD dogs for long do to my parents moving alot. but for the short year i had my dogs as a child was one of my greatest memories. and i would love the same for my boy. except him to have a best friend for as long as the life of the dog. and later to find another.
in short we are looking for a addition to our active family.

that being said i am looking for a GSD pup that would be great as a companion for my boy and family and just as important to be protective of us and our place. he/she would live mostly in doors until a he/she would get a little older and start to shed more then move to the back yard in to a great dog house.
so im looking for a pup that would be easy to train and over all great friend and companion.

now for my potential dilemma
the breeder im working with
i found a breeder that is breeding dogs as a hobby. seems to be of good blood lines. all papers for all her dogs. and even a few of her dogs got excellent hip score. that is rare i hear. all her dogs she lives with. they have a great yard. i got to meet them all in the house. seemed like a zoo almost. i mean she had at least 9 adult dogs. starting from kennels out side and 6 inside that i have meet. she has be doing this since the 70s. she has 2 that are imported from Germany and the rest from south america. Brazil if im not mistaken. doesn't make a big difference for me though the history as long as its good health history and akc pure breed. and match my needs. i know she is doing it as a hobby now because she is a elderly women and does not charge as much as others i have found in my area. actually less then half of what stand up breeders are charging. i asked if i need a deposit and she said that would be good to hold any of the puppies and when i asked how much she said you tell me how much you want to give me. came to me as a shock a little.
she is almost retired and doesnt care for the money as much but more in to the joy of customers. she used to have it as a business i guess and charged as much as others. but not much any more. when talking to her i can tell she is passionate about GSD and everything about them.

what i saw. when i got there she has a few cats and a bunch of GSDs even a little pocket dog. even a few birds in cages. (so you have a mental picture of the surroundings)
i met 3 of her female puppies. all from 3 different litters.
one was about 3 weeks old (cute little fur ball)
2nd was 12 weeks
and the third was 13 going on 14 weeks old.

the 13 week old pup was active with other animals and seemed more relaxed but still not coming close to me. and if i would go to get her she would run away. so she was shy.

the one we liked in color and her parents was the 12week old female.
she was very very shy. she was not playing much with the others but didnt mind them being around. she would run from me and would not be next to me. would walk around. when i actually got to hold her she was fine. not making noise or running away but as soon as i would set her down she was gone. so after that i felt she was not interested.

this is our problem. we really fell in love with her looks, but the most important thing is to find the right dog for our family and our intentions for her/him i dont want to get a dog and force her to be protective or active if all she wants to do is run from me or others that may come to my house.

i dont think its the breeder at fault on this one. because some of the boy pups she had were fine, all her adult dogs would lick all the meat off of me if they could. she shows them all the time and training they need.

so i guess my question is what should i do?
is the 12mo pup in a stage? is she trainable? any reason this may be?
i was not considering a male pup until this morning. so i guess i can go back there and meet the boys she has. there is at least 3 or more from a little that will be ready to go in about a week and a half. but those were coming to me and thought i wanted to play. i didnt see them long (the males) because i told her i was interested in the females so that is who she brought out for me to meet.

so should i wait to see the 3-4 week pup develop? look at the boys now that im more open to the idea of a bigger dog. or wait on the next litter and get the first pick? or im just going crazy and the one we liked is trainable and not a problem? i would rather be safe then sorry. function over forum is what im looking for most.

your thoughts??

dont tell me i talk to much, i know that :) and im sorry for such a long read:D

gsdsar 02-05-2014 05:03 PM

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My best advice to you is , if you have any doubts, move on. You will have this pup for a very long time. You should love everything about it.

I get liking a color, I have no issue with that being a priority, but it should never trump personality.

Your son is likely to have friends over, kids are rowdy, you want a dog that wants to interact. I would either wait to see if the youngest female is a better match temperament wise, check out the male pups, or find a different breeder.

Don't feel you have to buy from this breeder. You don't owe her anything. You do owe your family the right dog, even if that means paying more in the beginning. Worrying about cost now is pointless. Pups are expensive. Trying to save money up front is more likely bite you on the back end later.

Get what you want, all of it.

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GSDreamer 02-05-2014 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by gsdsar (Post 4971562)

Don't feel you have to buy from this breeder. You don't owe her anything. You do owe your family the right dog, even if that means paying more in the beginning. Worrying about cost now is pointless. Pups are expensive. Trying to save money up front is more likely bite you on the back end later.

Get what you want, all of it.

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if you knew me on a personal level you would know im far from a cheap guy. in fact all my friends think im crazy buying only the best of anything. i can be picky and go back and forth between 2 items for a few days in some cases longer then that but at the end of the day i have no regrets with the TV i got or the car i purchased in fact im proud of it and it makes me happy every time i come home or drive. (small example)

so i hear what your saying. and i want to get a general idea of what all of you think. most of you have lived a life time with your GSDs and who better to ask. i cant compare a thing to a animal. because i cant turn my TV in to something its not. but i can train a dog or try to train a dog for something else.

i agree with you. and thats my plan so far as well to move on. even though it will be hard to consider another pup. i just want to know im not making a mistake by moving to the next one. since i dont know to much about them being pups.

for the rest of you, what is your thoughts? opinions? what would you do in my shoes? every comment is considered and very much appreciated.

GSDreamer 02-05-2014 05:44 PM

PS. gsdsar, the pups father that i liked so much in color is very very similar to the Dog you have as your avatar. mostly black with some red/tan.

very very beautiful GSD there sir. :)

selzer 02-05-2014 05:51 PM

I would move on.

What do you mean by "almost retired"? Is she working outside the home, or is she almost retired as a dog-breeder?

Either way, if this lady is working outside the home and taking care of 3 separate litters -- that's a lot, and she can't have socialized those two older pups well at all. If she is almost retired as a dog breeder, having 3 litters at once doesn't sound like it.

She is charging half the going rate because when people come and see the zoo she is keeping there, they are saying, thanks, but no thanks. In order to sell her puppies she has lowered her price significantly, and yes, she will sell them, because people like a bargain when it comes to puppies.

A puppy at 12, 13 weeks old might be a little more cautious than an eight week old pup, but after you talk to the lady for a while, their curiosity should get them over to you, because you are new, and they do want to know who you are. It sounds like the 12 week old female is not a good choice for an active family. And if you have a kid, you qualify as an active family.

Remember that it is the fearful dogs that are much more likely to bite. They normally bite people they know, friends of the family, or family. They will bite children. Children run and scream and are unpredictable. A dog that is very fearful/shy is not safe around children. They can learn your own kid, but our kids generally have friends, and you do not want to be in a position where you either do not let your kid have friends over, or you hide the dog in a crate in the bedroom whenever anyone is there.

I would pass. Sorry.

DaniFani 02-05-2014 05:53 PM

Personally, I wouldn't touch this breeder with a ten foot pole. Dogs sound really nervy (could be just the environment), but I still wouldn't like it.

There are great sections here on how to find a breeder. The lady sounds nice, but not someone I would get a dog from, especially with children in the house. You need a dog with solid, strong, nerve. Not a "shy" dog.... Shy dogs can lead to fear aggression and fear biting, just be careful. They don't always lead to that, but why take the chance.

JakodaCD OA 02-05-2014 05:56 PM

Personally I would move on as well for the reasons listed above.

GSDreamer 02-05-2014 06:04 PM

OMG eye opener. please keep this going. and yes she is out of the question then. i will not ever put my boy in harms way even if there is a slight chance of it. and or others around.

i will go there again this weekend alone and spend a few hours in day light and out side. i will ask to see all her pups and play with them see others that will fit. if no luck with the others i dont mind waiting another month and search for other breeders if i need to.

knowing my story can any one tell me what i need to look for in a pup? i have the aptitude and obedience aptitude test printed. and will use that.

what should i look for in a pup and what should trigger a red flag?
looks like i have been going at this slights the wrong way then. so happy i posted on here. thank all you guys for all your help and support in advance

JakodaCD OA 02-05-2014 06:06 PM

Has the woman done any health testing on her breeding dogs?

selzer 02-05-2014 06:17 PM

I think most of us are suggesting you find another breeder. That shy pup is out of her lines, but can also be exacerbated by her lack of interaction with the puppies, by the breeder and by people other than the breeder. I think that you run the risk of getting a puppy that is poorly socialized with any pup you buy from her. If you get one from her at 8 weeks, and it is pretty outgoing, and you socialize it very carefully, you may be ok.

But I probably wouldn't chance it.

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