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dogsnkiddos 01-08-2014 12:58 PM

Trying to determine what I am looking for...
We have not had a puppy puppy since Old Bitch came along in 1999. After her arrival we solely adopted from rescue, usually seniors or issue dogs. With the unexpected death of Beast we adopted our current boy Mace at about a year old. He is a lovely dog, just about the easiest GSD I have ever had in my family. I often have to remind him he IS a GSD and not some lap dog or pretty blond woman. When Old White died not long ago I was sure Mace would be our last dog for a very long time. His twilight years will coincide with Boy and Girl heading off to college. I fantasize about world travel again at that time and see a break from dogs during that time period. Yet....I know I want another dog now...and think *maybe* a puppy. I am not sure though what I want to look for so cannot decide where to even begin to research.

I don't care about color, sex, anticipated size, etc I want a healthy dog as much as possible (ie I'd like to stack the deck in its favor- I have no misconceptions about all the problems that might occur even in the best breeding program). I'd like a solid temperament as much as possible (again stack in the favor, blah, blah). The usual base of a wish list I think...but then beyond that I am not sure!

I miss Beast terribly. I don't think it was just his wonderful being that I miss (though he is missed), but it is something about his characteristics that I miss living with and *think* I would like to recreate. He was incredibly intelligent. He was an intense personality. He was a challenge. I remember the first trainer we took him to, when I mentioned how everything I'd learned from the previous 5 shepherds seemed not to be transferable to this one, telling me that I may have had Cadillacs before but now I had a Ferrari. I did not know just how right he was. Beast was a lifestyle. He was a sweet dog and a danger all rolled into one. Every moment was work and you could never never stop or you would lose. He was low energy and high at the same time. He was unpredictable (you never knew what next thing his intelligence would bring your way) yet the most reliable dog at the same time. I miss all of that....yet, I don't (boy is Mace a whole lot less work!!!). I think I want this type again...but maybe I am spoiled and lazy now, and maybe another like Mace would be so much easier...

I want the dog for me, for Boy and also for Mace who would thrive with a companion with whom he could play, wrestle, etc. Since Mace is an important part of the equation, I wonder if a Beast type would be too much for our eternal puppy, not the brightest match in the book boy?! What sort of dog personalities do you have living together? Any thoughts on how the current boy should influence my search? Any feedback on the type I should be investigating? Anything I should consider that maybe I am not/forgetting?

Daisy&Lucky's Mom 01-08-2014 01:22 PM

I understand I havent had a puppy since 200 when Daisy came to us at almost 9 weks old. Daisy was so attuned to her people smart to the point of scary but hard headed ,correction really didnt change her mind re what she wanted. She was a guardian ,a thief extrordinaire and a problem solver . protective loved those who she saw as her people . She was 39 months old when we got Lucky. Lucky is a sweet lower drive Forrest Gump. Handsome ,sweet ,ball crazy and pretty compliant. The two worked well. Daisy was smaller but would grab a ball and walk past Lucky when she wanted his chewie. Lucky would follow her drop the chewie to get his ball. Daisy would take the chewie and hide it for later. Two hours later Lucky would sit at the closet door where the chews were kept cause he just figured out his chew was gone. I like a boy and agirl shepherd together. I think Daisy and Lucky worked well as two dog family because they were opposite. I currently have Forrest (Lucky) and Chevy, who is cantankerous and mouthy and Thinder who despite what the vet says is hard of hearing . Neither has had any training. The mixture is not terrible but three all on the not terribly bright side makes their needs all the same and that make it hard. Daisy's needs were always alittle different then Lucky's and that made things easier to manage. I dont have alot of experience but that's my take on building the pack. I loved your Beast and Boy stories. Those will be enornmous pawprints to fill.

LaRen616 01-08-2014 01:58 PM

I have 2 males, they are different breeds, they get along really well, they are really similar but then again they are not. My GSD is super smart, catches on quick, easy to train, wants to please me and does things that I ask him to do even when he is unsure or afraid. He is what I want/need him to be at the time. He can lay around and do nothing all day long or he can run at the beach and swim for 2-3 hours.

My Dalmatian is smart but he's still a puppy so he's kind of dumb too, lol. He needs to run around and play everyday. He is actually really well behaved and a joy to be around but I look forward to him maturing and having a better attention span, lol. I think my GSD's calm, well behaved manor and laid back energy rubbed off on my Dal puppy.

Maybe you should look for a medium energy, medium drive dog, maybe a female, maybe a older puppy like 6 months-2 years of age.

BowWowMeow 01-08-2014 02:02 PM

There are lots of fantastic puppies in rescue. And a reputable rescue will help you find a good match for your current dog.

Jax08 01-08-2014 02:17 PM

sent a pm

dogsnkiddos 01-08-2014 05:45 PM

I have a lot of guilt about not only not looking at a rescue, but at looking at a puppy rather than an older dog... I really miss Beast, but I am not looking to replace him. I just realize that there are some things about him that I really enjoyed that may be traits that are particular to a type of Shepherd. Then again I think about how hard he was and wonder if I am insane. Thinking about replicating those traits seems like asking for someone to drill another hole in my head!

We LOVE Mace. He is an awesome, awesome boy. He is just very different trait wise. He is a great family dog. He learns well. He blends in easily. He is dominated by cats ;) Perfect match for us in so many ways....

I had a dream recently that I scanned Beast's pedigree at the supermarket and the machine popped out a puppy with the same lineage. I was a really weird dream....

I wish could figure out what I want! Beast like or Mace like....

Daisy&Lucky's Mom 01-08-2014 06:42 PM

I may have misunderstood your post. I think a lot of people here have both rescue and a breeders dog that they raised from a puppy. I miss Daisy still even though I love my three as I miss that aspect of our relationship that came from her being w/us asa puppy. Whatever you decide is the right thing.

dogsnkiddos 01-08-2014 06:56 PM

no you did not :) I appreciated your post. I was, I think, reacting to Ruth- who suggested rescue. I tapped into my guilt that is not at all below the surface about considering a puppy and from a breeder at that :) I really appreciated your response as it articulated a few of my concerns (and I like forest gump label as opposed to the slightly brighter than a box of rocks phrasing that sometimes comes to my mind). Old Bitch was from a breeder- all the rest were rescues, mostly older. They all lived together at some point overlapping (except Mace). They were all very different from Beast and from Mace who are opposite ends of the spectrum.

I think reading your post helped me see that a combo of a Beast and Mace like what you lived with is not necessarily an automatic recipe for disaster.

readaboutdogs 01-08-2014 07:36 PM

My Cody sounded like Beast and Daisy! He was reliable, but had his unpredictable side! Very smart, played games, like Id go to let them in, knock on the door first and he'd scratch back! Lay down at night and "sigh" and he would "sigh" back! He was such a Velcro/lover dog!loved to be in charge! Smart but harder to handle at times! Crazy how they steal our hearts the most! Now that both my gsds are gone we only have hooch, a pitbull. I love him, but terribly miss the personalities of my gsds. They just have such different attitude, presence, and way of play, just so different! I have been reading about and looking at breeder sites on rough coat collies, they have traits similar to a shepherd. I thought about a female collie, then get my male shepherd. I want to get puppies too, I just loved that bond, and all the growing stages. I hesitate right now because hooch is very good, loves people, but is an attention hound, and doesn't like dogs to get in his. He doesn't play like the shepherds did, and watching videos on collies, they play very similar to shepherds. A puppy would be in his face. And the part of becoming kinda lazy! Hooch is like having a stuffed animal sometimes! Very easy dog by himself! Then I think I should just wait till I retire in a few mores years to get my pups! It's hard to decide!

Jax08 01-08-2014 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by dogsnkiddos (Post 4797282)
I have a lot of guilt about not only not looking at a rescue,

I said this in the PM to you and I'll say it again.

Do NOT feel guilty about not rescuing if that is what you choose to do. All of your dogs have been rescues, you've fostered, you've adopted from shelters.

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