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Anybody who owns GSDs will tell you they shed. The first year to year and a half, Vida never blew her coat. Her shedding was very minimal. Now I have to brush her every day and if I don't she gets clumpy and it doesn't look nice! All you need is a flat comb and an undercoat rake to keep up with the hair.

Where are you getting the puppy from? What lines? Working or showline? Look into the health concerns of either. No dog is fool proof, you will run into health issues one time or another.

Don't jump into this because you want to see the kids reactions. If you want a dog, wait 3 years. That will make your youngest 3 and oldest 10 or 11.. Okay, if I were you I'd just get an older pup. This breed isn't for those who will not commit and given you don't want a dog that sheds a lot, don't go for it. The breed isn't right for you and you are not informed enough to own one. Simple. Get a wheaton terrier or something.

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No dog is no work.
Instead, frequent, even daily combing of the long, profuse coat with a medium-toothed comb is recommended to keep it free of tangles - beginning when the dog is a puppy. Clean the eyes and check the ears carefully. Bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier does not shed in the spring and fall, but loose hair should be combed out of the coat from time to time. A well-groomed dog will shed very little. This breed is good for allergy suffers.
Dogs that don't shed need to be clipped and coat maintained and then there's all that pesky training that goes into making a very nice dog.
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Honestly, I wouldn't get a GSD puppy with kids those ages unless I had already raised a GSD. An adult GSD who is low energy and good with kids might be a better choice.

A poodle would probably be a better bet for you. Golden retrievers are great with small kids too, but they are MASSIVE shedders.

When the kids are older (everybody over 5yo), then you can look at GSD puppies.

This is our first GSD and she is only 4.5mo, so I have no idea how much she is going to shed, but our previous dog was a golden retriever, so I have definitely experienced massive shedding.
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I would not advise someone to get a puppy with that many young children in the house. I believe that any committed owner can successfully raise a puppy in a home with children, but trying to do it with three children under the age of five years is just setting everyone up for failure.

Adding to that is the concern regarding shedding. If shedding amount is a priority for you, the German Shepherd Dog is NOT for you. They shed a lot. All the time. I have a German Shepherd Dog, a Pug and an Aussie. The Aussie sheds, but nowhere near the amount of the other two dogs. I loved the word "hairnado" used earlier in this thread! Perfect description!

As you read through different threads here you will notice that for just about every topic there are a few members who have atypical experiences with the breed (such as the couple of members on this thread who swear that their own German Shepherds don't shed). You need to weigh their declarations (whatever they may be) with their amount of experience with the breed. Look toward the members that have lived many years with the breed, and those members that have experienced more than just one dog. You will get a much clearer picture when you do.

Which isn't to bash anyone with less experience. We all started somewhere, knowledge-wise. But you wouldn't decide that a human baby never needs a diaper changed just because the brand new Mom in the bed next to yours said she has never had to change a diaper on HER baby, based on the whole 45 minutes she has been a Mom.

Wait until your younger children are older, and then look into bringing a dog into your home that doesn't shed. Poodles need a lot of upkeep, but they don't shed (at least, they don't shed like other dogs) and they might be a good choice for an active family.
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Golden retrievers are great with small kids too,
When I met my husband and subsequently married him, he had a Golden Retriever. That dog bit my son just for the boy walking near him. He didn't antagonize the dog or anything.
I'd say "Golden Retrievers can be good with small kids", because of poor breeding, they could be horrible with kids, too.

Family Paws-New parent classes dog and baby Any breed of dog can and will bite kids. All breeds have a bite threshold. Every dog has a bite threshold. Some have higher thresholds than others, and some dogs within breeds "known" for being "good with kids" may not be good with kids.

Leonbergers (for instance) have apparently an affinity for kids and the abuse kids can dish out. But they shed like there's no tomorrow.

If the OP really wants a puppy, they need to go with a superb breeder who is honest and can match up the OP to a puppy, no matter what the breed.
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I'm a professional groomer, so I get to see all different breeds. The top five sheddingest breeds are as follows:

#1. Corgi
#2. German Shepherd
#3. Husky
#4. Pug
#5. Any double-coated breed

As you can see, GSDs are second only the the Corgi. Daily brushing helps a great deal, but if dog hair floating around drives you crazy, the GSD may not be for you.

If you want a non-shedding breed, you have to pay for professional grooming, as the hair will grow continuously until clipped. Here are a few low- to non-shedding breeds:

#1. Poodle
#2. Schnauzer
#3. Wheaten Terrier
#4. Airedale
#5. Border Terrier

Soft coated dogs like the Poodle and Wheaten shed the least. Wire-coated dogs like the Schnauzer, Airedale and Border Terrier do lose hair, but if regularly groomed, they shed very little.

I see you are interested in a dog with a protective nature, that is good with children, and doesn't shed too much. Standard Schnauzers might be something to look into. They are not large dogs, about 35-45 lb on average, and since they are not a popular breed, they haven't yet been ruined by backyard breeders. I have never owned one, but have studied them a bit and talked to many owners, and all of them say that their Standard Schnauzer has an uncanny sense of judgment, and even the friendliest can sense a "bad" person from a mile away.
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Shepherds SHED!!!!!!!! Seriously - all year long plus two full coats ....

With 5 kids...this pup would be in a constant state of stimulation....frankly - I would hesitate to sell a pup to your situation - to raise a pup right is as much work as having a sound like you have your hands full already....

As far as having a breed good with kids....I would think a young adult with some training and proven good temperament would be better for you than a matter what breed.


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I would wait.
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As a rescuer, too, I'd hesitate to send you a foster dog, either.
Saddest part is, you can purchase a puppy just about anywhere. But when good breeders say "wait", you'll wind up going to a bad breeder and increase the chances of something bad happening either with your kids or the dog's health.
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Originally Posted by Freestep View Post
I'm a professional groomer, so I get to see all different breeds. The top five sheddingest breeds are as follows:

#1. Corgi
YES!! LOL my good friends (on this forum some times) also have two Corgis and their shedding competes with the shepherds, especially considering they are about 1/5 the size!
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