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Originally Posted by apenn0006 View Post
I think dogs bond in different ways to people.
Agreed. My male GSD listens better to my commands than anyone else, though he listens to my wife pretty well. Definitely sticks closer to me than anyone else, but goes nuts for my wife’s attention when she gets home. He doesn’t seem really protective, unless he’s at home, where he believes he owns the entire cul-de-sac (he doesn't quite understand that the neighbors live there too!)
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Miss Annie is the biggest goof and loves to play, but if there is a knock on the door she is all business. She bonded to my son right away even though I was the one who feed and took care of her. It wasn't until he left home that she truly bonded with me and now she is definately my dog. She doesn't need to be everywhere with me but I have to be within her eyesite line or she needs to know where I am in the house. She is very animated in her expressions and will pout if tell her no you can't do that. Nothing like a big old GSD throwing herself on the ground letting out a big sigh. Last year I recently got a male Caridgan Welsh Corgi because I wanted a second dog but I wasn't certain about bringing another shepherd into the house. Since both dogs are from the herding group I thought they would be a great match and they are. Mr. Cole has brought out the puppy again in my girl and they play and pick on each other, their nicknames for each other are Bratty Brother and Bratty Sister. Annie is not a snuggler unless it is on her terms but Cole is my snuggle buddy. I wouldn't trade my girl Annie for anything she was everything that I wanted in a GSD the breeder did a good job of pointing me in the right direction.

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The only bitch I've owned had a screw loose, so take this FWIW... she was more independent, less likely to be protective, and more serious. My males were more goofy, but 'turned on' when they felt there was a need. They were all my 'right hand man' and I have no doubt would've given their lives to protect mine.. and one did. Grim is the first 'serious male' I've had, but I think that's his lines. They've all bonded very closely to me, and came out more 'one person-ish'. Especially Grim. I have nothing against females (I loved mine, faults and all) but the differences were mind boggling.
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I have all girls now.

My previous boys were a little goofier than my girls, and a little easier with strangers in and around my house.

My girls are totally attached, easy to train, in my opinion the perfect pet. But they are also all different. Tori just needs a few touches and pets here or there. Hepzibah loves for me to play with her in the field before she is willing to come back in. Jenna licks my whole face, glasses and all. Milla is a nut, jumping and wheeling, and always happy to see me. Odie loves for me to throw the ball. And Babs sticks around on her easy chair until I give her a quick pet all over her head or let her finish my dinner, and then she hops down and bounces all the way to my bedroom where she takes up her spot on my bed.

Nothing wrong with boys.

Girls are awesome.

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I really think it depends on the dog. I had a GSD mix growing up and she was the most protective dog I have ever met. When my daughter was born 5 years ago, she wouldn't let anyone or anything near her. Ever. Sadly, she passed away last week. She was almost 15 years old. Last year my ex gave our daughter a female husky/malamute mix pup. She now has a new home with a single guy with no kids. Even though we got her as a pup, she didn't have a protective bone in her body, but she was very aggressive towards my daughter. She would bite, push, knock over, etc. Nothing I tried would make her stop and she also bullied the older GSD mix. I don't agree with dumping dogs off at shelters, so I appealed to everyone I knew and did the leg work to find her a new home. She is happy being that gentleman's center of attention, and I'm happy knowing that she is taken care of despite all the **** I had to deal with when she was here. My daughter will be getting her own little puppy after we move, one that won't outweigh her in 4 months. And my next one is going to be a GSD male. I have no idea why, but I just have a feeling that that is what I am supposed to have.

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I have had both male and female GSD's and I am a female owner. My last female was very VERY protective of me, and when I was living in a downtown setting and where I lived was not a good neighbor hood and had to walk her at night/evening/early morning it was very comforting to know she was by my side. I could not go anywhere in the house without her following me, she even became my bathroom buddy, and frequently shoved her head into the shower to make sure i didnt disappear lol! She was more bonded to me than to my boyfriend but listened to both of us just the same. The male GSD I had as a kid was very aloof, not very protective and more of a family dog, and never really bonded to any one person like my female did to me.

Now that my female passed in November, I got another pure bred GSD and again got another female. By the time she is a year old and fully trained I would like to get a male GSD and then I can really experience the different sexes for myself.

But for you, I would honestly say that because you have both a male and a female already, its not really going to matter! When you go to pick your puppy dont look for the sex, play with them see which one bonds to you, you never know which one will bond to you! My first GSD female, I had no intention on getting a female, I wanted a male and had a name picked out and everything, to have a female pup bond to me so thats the one I took home (then again i got to meet the pups since they were born and visited them every week and made my pick on the 7th week so all the pups knew me).

Best of luck no matter what sex you go with, you will love them just the same
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