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MarineVET 03-25-2014 12:48 PM

Looking for training in Springfield MO area
Hello, I'm a newbie here that has been looking over this forum for months. After thinking long and hard I finally found a GREAT breeder and put a deposit down. I won't take the puppy home for awhile, but I am trying to find someone in the Springfield, MO area. I want to start with the basics and then maybe Schutzhund.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I am also curious of any GSD clubs or Schutzhund in this area..

MarineVET 03-29-2014 08:41 PM

I will take that as a NO.. What a bummer, maybe I should move to another state... Thanks to all who have looked at the post...

bsbarre 05-14-2014 02:25 PM

Just wondering if you found any training in the Springfield area?

CHMarkos 01-15-2015 11:33 AM

training in springfield MO
My husband and I are long time, active schutzhund trainers and competitors. We have a place about an hour south of Springfield where we spend winters with our dogs. We'd welcome anyone interested in doing some training. We have a great German helper coming in February and will have a schutzhund trial over Valentine's Day weekend.

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