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cnr0717 03-19-2014 06:15 PM

Minot, ND PSA Trainer needed!!!
we will be purchasing our puppy in august/september time frame, and found out we will be stationed in Minot, North Dakota, which is proving, via the web, to be the worst place to look for schutzhund groups/training. We're looking for either a trainer and/or a group to keep our puppy's training active and up to date. willing to drive at most 2 hours. thanks!!

Suka 03-20-2014 10:41 AM

PSA (Protection Sports Association) or Schutzhund?

JM_doggy 03-23-2014 09:59 PM

Welcome to North Dakota! As for your specific needs, i do not know if there is a group. However, looking in Bismarck, nd there may be or a trainer. I know they have more dog training classes. Also, maybe contacting the owners at Gaardog shepherds may have contacts for you.

Hope that helps!

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