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Zouk1972 08-26-2014 03:31 AM

GSD Feed Issues and lots of Qtns
I dont want to start arguments in here - and I am new so I am sorry if this is the wrong set of qtns?

1/ Our pup was on Royal Canin Large Breed puppywhen that ran out - we went to Royal Canin GS Junior - he simply doesnt eat much, he is 13 weeks but only eats about 1/3rd of a cup and often spits it out - I am going to go back to RC Large Breed puppy as I borrowed some and he ate it all - but I cant imagine the recipe is a lot different.

2/ Royal Canin expects us to know the adult size of the dog, ie the weight in order to calculate the amount, how the **** do I know that - I was told the bitch and stud were small skinny GSD's but does that mean he will be - whats an average adult weight for Male GSD's 35kgs?

3/ He does love the Raw guide dogs meals - but I was told that this wont help his teeth, is it balanced anough a diet that we could just give him the raw soft diet and then give him bones and toys for teeth

4/ At what age can he have bones - I bought a pork leg bone and some brisket bones today - but I dont know if I should be giving them to him yet or not

5/ If any of you are using Royal Canin large breed puppy what amount was your puppy having at say 12 weeks - my Boy hardly eats

Pax8 08-26-2014 04:19 AM

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If you're willing to go raw, I would go raw. RC is a pretty cruddy food - lots of fillers. My pup ate a soft prepared raw and then a chicken or turkey neck or two to clean out his teeth. We did this for about 6 months until I had to go to kibble (Orijen) due to freezer issues. Then we went back to a fully homemade raw a few months go.

Pork leg bones and brisket bones will probably be too tough for a pup. I would start with soft bird bones - chicken legs, wings, necks, or backs. If given after a meal, they will help clean his teeth after eating his soft food.

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