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sarahp 08-23-2014 12:19 PM

Slippery elm and puppy dosage?
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Hi guys! Atti went all day yesterday with super cannon butt and needed to go out every 30 minutes, whether he actually went or not, he felt like he needed to. The last time he had tummy problems and we tried canned pumpkin, it didn't seem to make things better at all. Going through tummy problems threads I see slippery elm pop up often. Where do you find it and what is the dosage? He's 3 months and 3 weeks old weighs around 36 pounds.
I didn't feed him last night or this morning, he ate his lunch around 2 yesterday. Any ideas or recommendations would be awesome!

Jax08 08-23-2014 12:25 PM

I would give him one capsule about 45 minutes before each meal.

sarahp 08-23-2014 12:29 PM

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Originally Posted by Jax08 (Post 5937217)
I would give him one capsule about 45 minutes before each meal.

Where do you find it?

Cassidy's Mom 08-23-2014 12:52 PM

You should be able to get it at any health food store, or places like the Vitamin Shoppe. I looked, and there are two locations in Atlanta. Numerous online sources too.

MyHans-someBoy 08-23-2014 01:34 PM

I really like slippery elm for both animals and humans.

Hopefully, your pup isn't on any medications, but if he is, you'll want to give slippery elm a couple of hours before the meds or a couple of hours after the meds so it won't interfere with absorption.

I get mine at a local health food store.

Ace GSD 09-26-2014 07:34 AM

Hey sarah how is little atti doing nowadays ?

carmspack 09-26-2014 10:22 AM

slippery elm will work to form the stool and to calm the irritation .

you need to find out why the dog has cannon butt diarrhea

if he ate something questionable or toxic - activated charcoal Activated Charcoal- The Lifesaver That EVERYONE Should Have In Their Home | Healthy Homes Makers

what is his diet

carmspack 09-26-2014 10:28 AM

burdock root powder also effective

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