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Ace GSD 08-16-2014 11:24 PM

my brain gonna explode pls help
Hey guys im switching to Orijen Large Breed puppy in 2 days but i cant figure out how much to feed in US CUP. The Cup that the Orijen is using as measurement is 250ml But 1 US cup is 236.6 ml. So if the portion i shhould be feeding is 3.5 Cup for 250ml/cup... how much in standard US cup....
I dont know where to post this either thanks for the help.

llombardo 08-16-2014 11:46 PM

250-236.6=13.4x3.5=46.9 ml more. Which is about 1/5 more give or take. You can adjust that, you don't have to go by the guidelines if they are gonna make all our heads explode. If the dog gets diarrhea, then it was to much:D

Pax8 08-16-2014 11:47 PM

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Those both seem like extremely close measurements to me, so I'd probably go with Orijen's ml/cup conversion. So if it says feed 250ml, then feed one cup and so on. You can adjust it up or down as needed later. Food doesn't have to be exact down to the ml. You'll just turn your hair grey worrying about that! :p

Steve Strom 08-17-2014 12:07 AM

They're just feeding guidlines. Does it actually break it down to a certain ml ? Based on how orijin goes right through every dog I've ever fed it to. I'd go with the lowest number in the beginning, and have plenty of pumpkin handy.

Athena'sMom 08-17-2014 08:30 AM

a digital kitchen scale is going to be your best bet for an exact measurement.

lauren43 08-17-2014 09:49 AM

I'd start with less is more at the beginning and see how he does. It seems to be too rich for a lot of dogs..

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Ace GSD 08-17-2014 11:27 AM

thanks guys... now that i think about it again.. i feel so dumb lol and i was tired when i post the thread just so u guys know ^^

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