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sashas_mommy 07-08-2014 10:59 AM

Very Very Picky Eater...Help
Looking for some advice/suggestions on feeding and food.

We have tried so many different types of food with our GS, she is 16 months. She seems interested in the food at first and then about a week later she is not interested in at all and won't eat.

She will go a day without eating....makes me worry.

She is playful and alert and seems her usual self.

She was on the Royal Canine GS and I recently found out that she switched the formula and now she won't it.

Tried the Fromms Surf and Turf, she ate it at the beginning and then stopped.

She seems to like fish so we are trying the acana food. And again she ate it at the beginning and now she will go without eating.

We don't want to go to the raw food or canned food.

Any suggestions or ideas on what to do???


mydogs 07-08-2014 11:23 AM

Very Very Picky Eater...Help
Read my threads same boat as you. She's on Fromm I really don't think she cares for it. I went and got a bag of pro plan. She picked it out left the Fromm. Good food bad food I don't care at this point. Pro plan has been around forever.

To get her to finally eat I set that bowl down for 5 mins. U don't eat too bad! She won't starve herself. You will get from a worrying point to a frustrated point. Tough love. I tried acana fish too. Ate that for a day or two. Added numerous toppings. Funny I just put ProPlan in her bowl dry no water no toppings. She ate it like she's starving left Fromm in bowl
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