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Invent1 06-06-2014 09:52 PM

8 month old picky eater!!
My puppy just turned 8 months old and she wont eat more than 2 cups of puppy food a day. I try feeding her in the morning and she will ignore the food. I dont leave it out for more than 20 minutes because I dont want her to be in the habit of having the food there all the time. Not only that I have 2 other dogs that would devour it if I left it out. I havent brought her to the vet in a month and she isn't very skinny. My concern is just that she isnt growing properly and is there a way to tell if she isnt besides going to the vet? Thanks

Mary Beth 06-07-2014 09:42 PM

Since she isn't very skinny and is otherwise fine , i would not worry. An 8 month old gsd isn't usually as hungry all the time as most puppies. The weather especially if it is hot can also affect the appetite. She will eat when she is hungry.

MaggieRoseLee 06-08-2014 10:38 AM

My adult dogs only eat 2 c of food a day, so the amount may not be too big of an issue.

That said, owning a picky eater can be very stressful and there ARE ways to get them to eat. Have you seen --->


Mishka&Milo 06-08-2014 04:55 PM

What are you feeding?

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