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tjpearse 03-31-2014 01:10 PM

Ideal Balance food?
So I have been feeding my puppy German Shepherd Blue Buffalo for some time now and he has been having pudding style bowel movements, shiny coat, bad gas, and is pretty skinny. A salesman at Petsmart, that sounded like he knew what he was doing and had a German Shepherd, pointed me towards Ideal Balance. I was wondering if Ideal Balance food is a good choice? Also, if not, is there a better food?

sechattin 03-31-2014 02:03 PM

Ideal Balance is okay, albeit in my opinion overpriced. If you're looking for something at Petsmart, I'd try Wellness, Innova, or Castor & Pollux. Outside of Petsmart, I've always liked Fromms. I have mine on Orijen and he does very well, though the food is rather pricey. I sometimes get bags of Castor & Pollux or Wellness to mix in. The pudding stool and bad gas I see pretty often in dogs on BB. Some just don't do well on it. Ultimately, I'd look closely at the ingredients of the food and integrity of the company. Hill's hires some pretty convincing reps, they push the food all the time at my store, but I find that they tend to know some overhyped tidbits about their chosen brand of food and usually not much more.

Rereading that, if that was an associate, I am always leery of following their opinion. I've been through the Petsmart training, and that food and nutrition knowledge is usually bare bones at best. I have coworkers that recommend foods just because the company reps give them extra coupons to buy food for their own dog if they help sell. Not trying to be negative, but my experience with fellow associates has rarely yielded anyone actually knowledgeable about good nutrition.

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