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Diesel7602 03-15-2014 01:31 PM

Yogurt for puppy
I started to give my puppy yogurt with his puppy food to help with diarrhea, from changing his soft food to hard puppy food. I found this site that read that yogurt is good for your dog as it is for humans. Here is the link if interested
Adding Yogurt to Your Dog Food | Dog Care - The Daily Puppy
Any comments are welcome on what y'all think.

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misslesleedavis1 03-15-2014 02:07 PM

Dexter loves a little bit of plain yogurt with a few almonds tossed in.

mydogs 03-15-2014 03:42 PM

Plain Greek yogurt in every meal here. About a tablespoon

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Diesel7602 03-15-2014 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by mydogs (Post 5206666)
Plain Greek yogurt in every meal here. About a tablespoon

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I give mine plan Greek yogurt too. It's added bonus , since he is a picky eater. He eats anything if I put it on it. Do you give your puppy fat free kind? I don't know if I should switch to fat free.

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mydogs 03-15-2014 04:30 PM

Nope no fat free. The regular. It's Cabot Greek :)

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Harry and Lola 03-15-2014 07:18 PM

I give mine yoghurt sometimes, just the plain natural set one or greek one.

I also give goats milk, helps with digestion and is very different to cows milk.

Not sure if will help with diarrhoea though, if your puppy has diarrhoea because of transitioning to a different food, you could add a tablespoon or 2 of corn flour to food, mix with water.

Msmaria 03-15-2014 08:37 PM

I add it to Dexters meal. Helps with his gassy stomach andalso helped with his puppy mange, when he was younger. I add a few blueberries too.

AshleyW 03-15-2014 10:03 PM

I read somewhere that pumpkin is really good for diarrhea and tummy aches. It works for my terrier, but I'm not sure about a GSD....

A girl and her dog 03-16-2014 08:16 PM

Yogurt definitely helps with stools; plain or Greek, and for all breeds.

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