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anitram 03-04-2014 07:48 PM

Wellness Just for Puppy (Canned Food)?
Our little Hans is 9 weeks old today. He's a tad on the skinny side, though I'd rather a thin than overweight pup.

I'd say he likes his kibble but doesn't LOVE it. He's very easily distracted while eating and will have maybe 2.5 cups a day, but you need to break it up into small meals. He also goes insane anytime I am cooking or we ar eating dinner and he can smell something that he thinks (rightly) tastes better. I really don't want to give him any table scraps so the key is not to start doing that when he's young. My vet friend suggested maybe supplementing with a bit of (good) canned food.

I looked for reviews of Wellness Just for Puppy online but could only find reviews of their dried food. The ingredients read well and he LOVES it. I mixed a tablespoon in with his kibble this evening and he was beside himself eating it. Continued to lick the bowl for like 10 mins after he was done.

Anyone else use this? Thoughts? I just bought one can for now and refrigerated the rest of it. Would like to see how his poop is over the next couple of days before committing to it.

mydogs 03-04-2014 07:59 PM

Wellness Just for Puppy (Canned Food)?
I always mix a tablespoon of canned in my pups food and plain Greek yogurt. I use Merrick grain free usually the love potion formula or working dog formula. Adding to kibble is great:)

Wellness is good food. What kibble are you feeding
I also put a little lukewarm water in food to bring out flavors Sent from Free App

anitram 03-04-2014 08:31 PM

I am keeping him on the bag of food the breeder gave me for now (Royal Canin for GSD puppy) but I will switch him to grain free as the bag whittles down so that I can mix the food and wean him off over a week or two.

Not sure what I'll try. Fed our collies Taste of the Wild and they did well. I think I'd like to try Fromm. We have an awesome pet store two blocks from us but it doesn't carry Orijen or Acana which are the other two I was interested in. For my own convenience I'd like to buy something they carry.

What are you feeding?

mydogs 03-04-2014 09:40 PM

I'm feeding Fromm:) the large breed puppy. The store didn't have LBP so I got the Puppy one. I like the protein and fat in it better actually. I will be switching to their grain free formulas at 12 months. He does great on it. Switch very slow over course of a week.

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