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Galathiel 02-24-2014 02:24 PM

Chowhound Not Chowing
My Varik is 10 months old (will be 11 months on 3/3). Normally, he's an enthusiastic eater that finishes his meal quite handily. However, he has been very 'meh' about his food the past few days and I'm trying to determine why.


a) The food is 'not good' ..not necessarily out of date but has something else going on. It is autoshipped from Chewy and is Fromm Gold LBP. He's been eating it happily for some months. I will say that bag before last, toward the end of the bag he got reluctant to eat and was having loose stools. In hindsight, I made the brilliant deduction that his food must have been compromised in some way (old, moldy, who knows). Too bad I didn't figure it out earlier. *sigh* This is a new bag and he has been turning his nose up a bit for a few days now. If that's the case, then I'm reluctant to continue using Chewy or any other online company to ship in food. HOWEVER, he ate his supper just fine out of his Kong Wobbler so not sure what to think about that. Makes it difficult to get in his supplements using the wobbler all the time though.

b) He has taken a sudden aversion to the supplements in his food. He gets Solid Gold Seameal twice a day and 500mg of vitamin c with each meal (currently fed three times a day). I don't want to cut them out.

He still plays as usual and his potty habits have not changed. He does eat a large amount .. 1.5 to 1.75 cups three times a day. If his food goes below 1.5 cups, he becomes too skinny. I threw away what remained of his breakfast this morning for the first time and didn't encourage him to eat it all.

I would welcome any suggestions. I don't believe in catering to a picky eater and don't plan to start doing a huge rotation plan because frankly the food choices aren't here locally. I can now get Fromm but hate to buy from Petland as they now sell puppies instead of having adoptions from the local shelter like they used to. Petsmart is the only other petstore here, along with some feed stores. I don't want to feed any Diamond products and we don't have freezer space for raw at the moment.

dogfaeries 02-24-2014 03:00 PM

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Honestly I don't know what makes a GSD stop eating. I've had lots of breeds from herding dogs to sighthounds to terriers, and I've never seen anything like it. I've gone through it with every shepherd.

Carly, at 4 years old, will finally eat anything that is not nailed down.

Russell, at 12 months old, has his days where he looks at me and his food bowl like I'm crazy. I tried to feed the dog pre-ground raw (Bravo) last night and he absolutely refused to eat it. He wanted his Fromms with the canned tripe (so, yes, I gave it to him).

Sage, at 3 years old, is still hit and miss. She'll be going along really good, and then will refuse to eat. At all. And if I try to stick any sort of supplement in it, forget it. I'm currently showing her, so I can't afford for her to lose any weight. The one thing she will always eat is that refrigerated Vital by Freshpet. Comes in a roll. She loves the stuff. So, I chop it up and mix it with her kibble.

So to summarize, I have no idea what the magic trick is. I don't fall into the camp of making them eat dry kibble no matter what. I don't mind adding stuff. As for supplements, I mix them with the Vital, or in a meatball of ground turkey or beef. That will usually work. Mostly. Darn dogs.:rolleyes:

Blanketback 02-24-2014 03:07 PM

My pup hates eating the last part of the bag. I guess the oils are breaking down? With Fromm LBP, I could actually smell the difference between the fresh new bag and the old leftovers.

Galathiel 02-24-2014 04:38 PM

I can understand it with the previous bag. It was towards the end of it. This is a new bag that I just opened up late last week. I don't think he started leaving the bowl unfinished at that point, but a few days later. He WILL eat the food if it's placed in a wobbler. I just had my son feed him lunch in it and he ate it all. He had just refused his lunch in his bowl that is moistened and had his vitamin c in it.

dogfaeries 02-24-2014 05:10 PM

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Sometimes my dogs won't eat their kibble if it's moistened. Sometimes they won't eat it if it ISN'T moistened. I seriously don't know what's going on in their pointy little heads.

Galathiel 02-24-2014 05:14 PM

Seriously. There is SOMETHING going on in there judging by the eloquent eyes I get and the heavy sighs. I'm just too thick to get it apparently! ;)

dogfaeries 02-24-2014 05:16 PM

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Yep. Then I have the dog that refuses to eat in a crate, one that will only eat in a crate, and the other just doesn't want to eat no matter where the bowl is.

Galathiel 02-26-2014 01:33 PM

So I went and bought a small bag of his food locally along with a couple of cans of Fromm as well. He will eat this food so I contacted Chewy and they are refunding the price of the bag they sent that he won't eat. Since this is the second bag (out of 3 or 4 recently) that he has been reluctant or refused to eat, I'm just going to suck it up and buy it locally for now. I hate that. I enjoyed autoship. *sigh* Something is going on with their store of Fromm LBP though.

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