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evilstevie 08-28-2014 12:08 AM

Educator 400TS vs 800TS vs other?
Looking to pick up a new and high quality e collar for our 4 YO thick headed GSD. The 400TS has all the range I need at 3/4 mile, but it looks to be the same receiver as the 300TS. The weight ranges for the 300TS and 400TS both start at 5 lbs, so I'm l little concerned that they won't be enough for our 100 lbs GSD. Any thoughts on any of these models, or perhaps a different brand altogether?

Nigel 08-28-2014 12:52 AM

I've been happy with the ET300. The receiver is small, but it's more than enough for most dogs.

farnln 08-28-2014 05:37 AM

Call them, they have excellent customer service! Truly nice people.

They will help you choose the right collar for your dog.
I thought I needed a more powerful collar and they convinced me that the 300 was the way to go. They were right, and the 300 has worked out great for us.

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