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canyadoit 06-09-2014 10:00 PM

I am interezted in conditioning dogs I wonder if anyone else uses slat carpet or cat mills for endurance Weight pulling flirt poles wippet lures swimming etc Run up and down hills for power and speed Work on reflex speed
How do you figgure out cals to feed and break down of feed Protein carbs and fat Do you use supplements Joint supplements Warm ups cool downs temp and humidity time adjustment for exercise duration Do you pyramid run the same routine

MaggieRoseLee 06-09-2014 10:09 PM

I know I generally do alot of OFF leash activities to condition my dogs. Swimming is great. Plus hiking, specially when there are hills :)

I also use a flirt pole, but I get bored before my dogs get that worn out, great for the puppy though.

I DO know that it depends on WHAT you want to condition your dog for. General health is one thing. But when I'm doing agility I need to work on jumping skill and fitness for the dog. If I did carting or weight pulling for competition I'd have a completely different method for conditioning.

Have you seen this? Scootering with dogs:

Sled Dog Central: An Introduction to Dog Scootering

canyadoit 06-10-2014 01:26 AM

Nice looking dogs you have
I condition for speed power endurance and agility using a sixty day pyramid routine one week off then restart from day one I try not to use the same equipment/setting or do the same routine more than once a week Min time is sixty minutes with out a rest by day 20 Rest is stop The dog may slow the pace for a bit if it choses to
The weight pulling is done by max pull once Then % of weight decrease to number of pulls ie 10 pulls at 60 % of max
Swimming is great because I can do a great more with the dog From stationary swimming to playing with large heavy logs to the ones that are to big to bite and hold but small enough not to cooperate with the dog Then the best part is I can swim with him get him to tow me I do get run over from time to time though
When I want to burn him out fast I run him in the boggy marsh till he almost packs it in
I have kept notes on my dogs for decades now I have not kept everything but I have kept the notes on what worked the best and what did damage There are thirty three different routines I have now Recovery times Injuries and lameness there cause and recovery times What increased/decreased body weight Water/feed intake when how much are noted There are routines/feed I will do in the summer but not in the winter and vice versa
I use a ten min warm up and a twenty min cool down each day The dog gets a rub down and a brushing before and after as well
I use supplements
Would you do leash work after or before conditioning ?

NancyJ 06-10-2014 04:51 AM

I am working with a rehab vet for a conditioning plan. We don't have any real issues but want to build some more muscle in places, particularly knowing areas of stress and weakness in working.

I never thought about stretching and massaging a dog before ...doing passive range of motion. I am going to start using the Fit Paws Peanut (we bought one) and have some exercises for core strength. She is also encouraging more of our treks where the dog is off lead in the woods and has some concerns with treadmills and the like vis a vis impact and also magnifying any single repetitive motion

canyadoit 06-10-2014 08:49 AM

Nancy water be the best for rehab imo Treadmills are good I try not to use a selfpowered one I prefer to use a dog powered one like a slat mill
Low impact walking Keep notes on what works what dose not Massage and streching are important to rehabilitate as in humans A lot of my conditioning basics come from working with and arround race horses

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