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SuperG 05-26-2014 08:53 PM

Tether question...
I've never tied a dog out or had a dog on a tether except in my presence maybe once or twice. That's my cut me some slack...LOL

I decided one of my goals with my latest greatest GSD was to be able to take her anywhere and everywhere I go..if allowed. Never brought the past two sheps camping with me...I know, I know..some of you will chastise me for this but many places we would go were uptight about dogs so it never happened. Not this time however.

I have this horrible movie in my mind of a dog on a full pursuit getting yanked off their feet ( doing a back half somersault ) when they reach the end of their tether...I've seen it, most all of us have seen it most likely.

So I built a tether which is about 30 feet long overall ( poly rope ) with the last 4 feet being 3/8 bungee cord..of course I can adjust length as the situation dictates. Now, if I don't pick up on the trigger before my bitch does and she gets the jump on me and goes off...and inevitably learns that this tether has a solid end to there something I can do better? I can call her off of many things but in all honesty...if it surprises me and she already caught wind of it..she has the upper's amazing if I see the lure first and simply tell her to "leave it"..all is mellow.

Anyway, any advice is appreciated regarding this learning curve and some ideas on how to most efficiently get to an acceptable understanding by both dog and myself.



Mikelia 05-26-2014 09:14 PM

I would use a very wide collar with an O ring run through it and the tie out attached to the floating O ring as opposed to the fixed D ring built into the collar. This way if/when she hits the end of the lead the wider collar will protect her neck a little and the O ring is less likely to break and does not always stress the same point on the collar.
I know Jocoyn has mentioned about teaching her dog where the end of the line is, she probably has a more thorough method but I always take my dogs to the end of their tie out so they know how far it goes. They usually don't test it too much. I tie mine out when we are camping too but they are quite respectful of their tie outs.
If you feel your dog is going to hit the end a lot I would be careful about what you use, you don't realize how important good quality equipment is until they break a poor set up.

Liesje 05-26-2014 09:22 PM

I've got an escape artist (not a GSD) so he's tied out ALL the time. At our old house, he was even on a tie out INside the fenced yard, lol. He learned how much space he had. We always used the tie-out cables that are like thick wire covered in smooth plastic. They don't get snagged on stuff, knotted, or curl up. I've tried a lot of other ropes and cords and was never happy with anything else. He quickly adjusts it himself if it gets between his legs. You can get these spring snaps for the end if you think she's going to hit it and needs the shock to be absorbed.

We use this stake for the tie-out, it's the larger heavy-duty one (my dog can pull out or bend those common curly ones with the triangle on top in seconds)

When he's going on a hike, I use 5/8" biothane line but it's fairly heavy (which helps in our case as he can feel the weight of the line and understand he's still tethered).

SuperG 05-26-2014 09:23 PM


Great advice..the flat wide collar makes good sense...thank you..

My guess is my gal will only have to hit the hard end once and figure it out...I could be wrong...but I see her as quick study most always...

The quality equipment comment is also appreciated as I am rather proud of my splicing efforts regarding the tether.

Do you think the 4 feet at the end which is shock cord will make a difference?


SuperG 05-26-2014 09:26 PM


I have seen those and considered those in my possible options as they most certainly are sturdy and offer some cushion...maybe I am just being a big wuss and am concerned about my gal hurting herself as she learns...I fully expect to be with her at all times ....but I'm just concerned if I don't get the jump on her and keep her on a down/stay.

Thank you,


Liesje 05-26-2014 09:31 PM

Do you have reason to be concerned? If she's got a habit of chasing prey or something like that I would use a longer leash (10-15') and hold that rather than a 30' tie-out. Or use a prong or e-collar if you need the control. Our dog is obsessed with rabbits, squirrels, etc but on the tie-out he knew exactly how much line he had and wouldn't check himself hard. Even playing with other dogs he knew to chase in large circles and it wasn't an issue.

ksotto333 05-26-2014 09:41 PM

We do camp with Tess, and have had to tether her on occasion. I walked her to the end so she can feel the tension, then back and forth. She hasn't yet hit it hard so I don't know if that actually works but they are pretty smart. Mostly we tend to camp in isolated campgrounds so it's not an issue.

Cara Fusinato 05-26-2014 09:44 PM

When we camp, we either take an x-pen or I bought a 2-man tent with a lot of mesh on the top just for the dogs. I like the tent the best because the floor is clean, nothing can crawl in like snakes or squirrels, and the mesh top keeps the mosquitoes out. They go in the RV with us at night. Before the RV we had a large 2-room tent and I just let our two big Aussies sac out on the cots in the tent while we were out and about the campsite.

Chip18 05-26-2014 09:46 PM

Here is a thought, it's certainly going to take time and is not 100% bullet proof but GSD are very smart!

There is the possibility that you could train her to respect a "portable boundary" flags or boxes make a big square put her inside and make it clear to her that she is "not" to exceed the boundaries!

"On the lawn" is my command for my guy. I always used it with my guy on our front yard. I did not realize it was a :command till one day on a walk returning home, I unclipped him and said "on the lawn" I watched stunned as he "wobbled" (disability) down the side walk and onto our front yard, three houses away!!

I was stunned...hey I'm better than I thought! :) Just an idea not a recommendation!

GatorBytes 05-26-2014 10:11 PM

I would use a chest harness. You don't want to have neck damage, nerve, soft tissue or vertebrae.

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