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OggDog 03-26-2014 12:44 PM

Large 3" (spiked) dog collars
Hello all,

I saw a number of people getting custom made dog collars that come in 3" or even higher and these are usually worn by Pit-Bulls. While I do not like the spikes as they may end up causing some damage I wonder if these would be well fitted for GSDs?

What would be the biggest size of a collar you would get for your GSD before it starts looking like a neck brace or causes discomfort for your dog?

Also recommend any websites/stores where you get your dogs collars, leashes and etc. Where do you get the best bang for your buck?


Oisin's Aoire 03-27-2014 10:44 AM

I get mine ( for my Mastiff) from Leerburg. I have agitation collars for her. She is a fearful dog who will turn and lunge out of nowhere if she thinks a man is a threat. She stays on our property as a result. I like the agitation collar for her because it has a handle so I can get a better grip on her if needed. I use that in conjunction with a prong if we have to go out , like to the vet. And I usually bring along a friend to help lol . Last time I sprung for a home visit from the vet.

Anyway , I personally do not like the spikes at all ..but leerburg does have nice ones at a decent price. I know they have 2 inch which as too thick for my 130 pound seemed to bother her. So I got the 1 inch ones , and never returned the 2 inch ones. I doubt they have 3 inch. That is pretty thick.

Oisin's Aoire 03-27-2014 10:51 AM

Just to add , I think 3 inches would be way too thick for a GSD. Would not look right. Maybe a 2 inch if he is a bigger GSD?

onyx'girl 03-27-2014 10:55 AM

Oisin's Aoire 03-27-2014 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by onyx'girl (Post 5277314)

That would be boss ! lol

OggDog 03-31-2014 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by Oisin's Aoire (Post 5277290)
Just to add , I think 3 inches would be way too thick for a GSD. Would not look right. Maybe a 2 inch if he is a bigger GSD?

I think this is the 3" one, that I would like to get without the spikes!

What do you think? Is that too big for a GSD?

David Winners 03-31-2014 09:17 AM

Gwenhwyfair 03-31-2014 03:38 PM

Agree 3" will be big for a (most) GSD.

If you're looking for a more blingy yet tough look (including an actually very strong durable leather collar) check out California Collar Company. They can customize these up to 2".

CALIFORNIA COLLAR CO - leather dog collars, leashes & accessories - hooligan collection

blackshep 04-01-2014 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by onyx'girl (Post 5277314)

Holy moly, that's a liability! lol :crazy:

Cara Fusinato 04-01-2014 10:36 AM

The wider they are, the more fur they rub. The super short coats have the collar sit nicely on top. Otherwise, the collar will rub a spot. I like a nice rolled leather collar on my shepherd, but I don't walk him on it. He has a prong, martingale, or harness depending on the situation of the walking (class, general walking, hiking). A collar is a good place to hang ID tags.

PS -- turkish collars YIKES!

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