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Originally Posted by Belmont View Post

My GSD is only 4 months old, and I never wanted to use electric corrections on him, but the writing is on the wall that he will eventually jump it.
I'll be the odd man out here. WHY will he eventually jump it? Train him not to, and he wont. I recently fenced my yard not to keep my dog contained, but because I had a party and wanted people to be able to bring their dogs. My nearly seven year old dog has not had a fenced in yard for most of her life, and she does not push the boundaries. I simply trained the boundaries. If you don't want to use an electric fence- then don't! I cannot be the only one who feels this way...

[EDIT]- I'd even go so far as to say that the GSD was actually bred to respect boundaries. Go check out some of phgsd's amazing herding videos of her dogs tending sheep. Those dogs know and understand boundaries. It's in their blood. It's foundational to the breed.

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Originally Posted by kiya View Post
Why take the chance?
I will never forget the night me and my husband were in the kitchen, Lakota was standing aside the kitchen table. In a flash she "hopped" up and all 4's were on the kitchen table. We both stood there speachless.
Just saying, if you train your dog, he won't do it.

I clip my dogs' nails on top of a table outside. That is the only time they go up on any table, when they see me with my equipment. They know that they are not supposed to be up there any other time.

If I see my dog paying too much attention to the dog next door, he comes inside and gets a cookie for being a good boy. At first he wouldn't. The dog next door is his nemesis, for some reason. But over time with training, he comes every time I call him.

ETA: I also live on a corner lot. Lots of people walk dogs past my property and if I'm not out there with them, my dogs go berzerk. But being good herding dogs,they know their property and they stay inside the fence. It's only 4 feet high. Any of my dogs could jump that high standing still.

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I agree with Willy and Flyaway. I only have a three foot fence in the front yard and my dog has NEVER tested it. He could easily jump it, but doesn't find the need to. He likes to be around his family and we take him lots of places, which satisfies his need to roam. I also agree with Willy about the boundaries thing. GSDs have a crazy understanding about boundaries. My dog knows exactly where my property line ends-even when we lives in places that didn't have a front fence, he knew exactly where to stop.
Whenever we moved to a new place, he'd spend a while sniffing along the whole boundary.

edit: I want to add that I've fostered over a dozen dogs and I've just trained them to stay away from the gate (the easiest place to get out). Every time they get close, I would say eh eh, and reward them for staying away from it.

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I'm another who doesn't have a fence and I have never had a problem with my dog leaving the yard. I agree that they have an excellent understanding of boundaries. Tara likes to go do her business right up against the property line - she likes to get as close as possible but has never stepped foot nor gone in the neighbors yard. I simply trained her from the moment we moved into the house where it was acceptable for her to be, and she has never tested the boundaries.


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IMO, I just wouldn't take the chance. I don't care how "well-trained" they are.

Case in point - On the 4th of July, firecrackers a-popping, a local K9 went missing. After years on gun ranges, he just decided the fireworks were too much for him this 1 nite. Off he went - up & over a 7-ft fence. Highly-trained K9 had a goofy moment. Luckily, a neighbor nabbed him (knew his human partner) & kept him indoors until the noise stopped.

I guess this explains why we saw so many HBC when I worked for vets - everyone thought their dogs were so well-trained that they'd never escape. To each his own. Your dog - short fence. My dog - high fence!
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I'd look into coyote rollers. More attractive than lattice and durable too. IMO.
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Originally Posted by GrammaD View Post
I'd look into coyote rollers.
What are those?
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Originally Posted by Olivers mama View Post
What are those?
Non-Lethal Coyote & Animal Deterrent that Looks Great on Any Fence. Easy Installation! | Coyote Roller

They can be mounted to the top of a flat wall.

My DH just suggested terra cotta planter boxes spaced appropriately along the top and screwed/bolted to the wall cap and that might be an even more attractive solution- unless you have a dog who likes to garden was my response- but thought I'd throw it out there
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Thanks for the reponses. I'm leaning towards the lattice, but I'm checking out the roller.
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I would try lattice or a hot wire. I think the rollers are going to be expensive.

I've had some dogs that need fencing and some that don't. Now that I foster it's a requirement (literally) that I have complete 6' fencing. I like it because I can let my dogs be outside for hours and they don't require direct supervision. Also before I had a fence (at my old place) I've had issues with other dogs charging into my yard or people tresspassing and teasing my dogs. The first fence I put up was 4' wire mesh agricultural fencing, so any GSD could be over, under, or through it in seconds but it worked very well, kept the other animals and annoying people out!
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