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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erec

We got a very abused black GSD about a month ago. As he's blossomed and started to come out of his shell one ear became erect. (Funny that I just came across this thread, since I just posted about this on email list I'm not). Last night we had a small altercation while I was out walkign him at OMG in the morning (I thought I was followed home by two guys and ended up calling the police because Sirius was acting very peculiar after we got home). After the police left (they did find two guys lurking around the neighborhood) Sirius finally settled into his crate and went to sleep. This morning, both ears are at full attention. In my case, I think this poor guy just didn't have enough self respect until now to put both ears up. Someone else suggested that excitement might have caused a surge in hormones for him. I don't care, but my handsome man finally looks like a GSD, not a lab mix.

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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erec

Ok, my first GSD, Frodo had floppy ears. His breeder (I got him when he was 10 weeks old) said that his ears were broken from all the fights with his litter mates. He was unsure whether they would ever stand. He had thick ears and set low -- a really bad example. I waited. I asked my vet, and she said some of them never stand. I read about the glue stuff in a book but it sounded cruel. They told me at work I would have to crop them, but that I refused also as everything I read said otherwise. It was kind of rough hearing everyone ask whether he was a pure-bred, but so what. One person said she liked the ears down that ears that stand make the dog look mean. Funny, Frodo was the only one I had that ever bit anyone or really even growled more than once or twice.

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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.

This is my boy, he will be three on 8/25 his ear never went up. It went up at 5 months and then he started teething and it fell back down and never went up. I tried tent ups and taping nothing worked. I think it gives him character!!
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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.
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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.

Our 9 mon old has floppy ears too. the people we got her from had both the male and the female. The female had one ear up and one down. they told us that it was injured by a fence when she was a pup. I guess now after I found this site I figure I was lied to and its a genetic problem. My pup had one ear up for about 3 months and then they both went down. we tried everything. we even give calcium supplements since she was teething and growing at a very fast rate. she is now 9 mon and 90lbs and 26 in tall at the front shoulders. she has all the looks and markings of a beautiful GSD but them dang ears. We have given up completely on the ears ever going back up. I know it bothers my wife because she keeps wanting to tape and glue them again. I just gave up [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/02_frown.gif[/img]
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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.

Yes it can be very frustrating playing the waiting game. My guy is 5.5 mos old and still has the flying nun look going on. He is however still teething, he has premolars that are just starting to break the surface so I'm hoping thats why their still only half up. His ears are on the larger side and fairly thick. Would I be disappointed if they remain floppy, well call me shallow Hal, I would be, but would survive.


And yes, people ask me as well "is he pure bred?" )-: I may start carring around my reciept for show and start replying, at this price I hope to #$@#! he his! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/28_geez.gif[/img]
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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.

With my Jerry Lee his left ear fell over when he started teething. I went into a panic so I waited a few weeks and it looked like it didn't want to stand up again. So I went to the store and bought some cheap Calcium pills. Worked pretty well. His ear still isn't stiff like his right ear but it stands up when he wants it too. The outside part by the litte crack looking thing isn't very strong. So I try to massage the base of it. He is still working on it. Hopefully it will harden like is other [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/13_puppy.gif[/img]

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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.

I have one female that I have kept back that looked like the flying nun, lol. I bought skin bond from my vet (can buy online as well) and dr. schoals (sp?) moleskin FOAM padding. cut to fit the ear and glued it in. Tried tying the 2 ears together, she just kept ripping it out. So right now she's just got the inserts glued but still up. I did buy tear mender last wk, so once these inserts come out, will redo and use the leather adhesive if needed. Base is good, she can put them up, she's just lazy about it, and yes she's still teething, just hit 5 months old, but I'm not taking any chances!


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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erect.

Ranger's ears didn't stand fully until is was around eight months. He has extra large ears and I gave them a little help with taping. He's now ten months and still growing in to them [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/01_smile.gif[/img]

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Re: Dealing With Your GSD's Ears NOT Standing Erec

I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice. I've been doing some research on gluing ears, and this forum seemed like a good place to ask some questions.
We recently picked up a German Shepherd/Malamute mix from the humane society, he was a wild dog from up north so we cannot be sure as to what breed he is but his markings, coat and size seem pretty consistant with malamute/shepherd.
We've always had purebred shepherds in our family, and this is our first experience with a mutt... and the first experience with floppy ears.
This is Tyson
We don't know how old he is, but judging by his size and the fact that he hasn't lost any of his puppy teeth, the vet said he's probably about 4 1/2 months old.
Both Shepherds and Malamutes have erect ears, so we kind of assumed that they would go up.. and we've waited, and he's shown no signs of it.
Of course we will love him regardless, but we're so used to the shepherd look that the floppy ears just look silly.
I'm not expecting him to look like a purebred shepherd, obviously, but I'd definitely prefer it if his ears stood up.

The issue is that his ears are smaller than most GSD ears would be, so if we do decide to glue his ears, they will only be glued at the top.. and I'm concerned because not only that, will they even stand up when glued? or will they just fall forward and be stuck together?
Would you guys recommend taping as opposed to gluing?

I'm not really sure what we should do at this point.. the gluing seemed like a much better option since he and our other dog play constantly, i'm sure the taping wouldn't last very long at all.

Thanks for any and all advice!!!


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