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souvik6 06-06-2014 08:33 AM

My baby MAX please comment and advice on my one concern!
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Hi folks,

been a while since I posted here although have been going through so many archived threads related to any issue or concern I have been having in the last 4 months since I got my sweetheart. He has been a good boy, boy do I remember those first 2 months I thought I had a problem child.. but as everyone had stated its normal gsd behaviour. He seems to have chilled out a lot since his baby teeth fell off 2 weeks back. All is going well except he is a picky eater!

What I want to know is that Max had his one ear up twice for couple days well before his teething stage and the right on up once for a couple days also. Like they were standing still without any support or without him being cautious.. Now it seems to be stuck in TP mode for past month or so and I am getting little worried since most people piss me off saying what's wrong with his ear and if me is a mix.. i know lot of owners face the same criticism but who cares! we love our baby and they love us thats all that matters. Honestly to me even if he is mix wont bother me since I would have given the same love and commitment to a stray.. Millions here, I live in India btw.. Just moved here for job was feeling lonely, love dogs, hence MAX:wub:

Could some people who have been around many gsds care to comment about the breed of my baby? any comments welcome and please also comment as to if there is hope for him having permanent fully erect years. he will turn 6months this weekend and I have been encouraging he lots to chew on appropriate things such as mutton & chicken legs, rawhide (cant find bully sticks or beef here) and we play lots of tug and he loves to chew his stuff toys. But the thing is his ears feel so soft!!! Its unlike how i see gsd pups in pics, like the base 20% is medium hard, but rest to the tip is very thin and soft.. any suggestions welcome! thank you very much

LookingForTheLight 06-06-2014 08:45 AM

He clearly has GSD in him... but he looks like a mix to me. His ears to do look very floppy, but one ear did stand in one of the pictures, that is a sign of hope. It is possible they will, or maybe they will just come up and have a slight bend towards the top. He looks very very much like a mix to me, so it depends on the other breed(s). He most definitely has GSD in him, though.

blueangele 06-06-2014 10:45 AM

having one ear up and one down is so freaking cute!

misslesleedavis1 06-06-2014 10:55 AM

Way too cute for his own good

middleofnowhere 06-06-2014 11:03 AM

I love photo 3 and the others that show one ear up with extravagant feathers! He's cute! I'd think there was a good possibility that the other ear would also stand. If it does I'd suggest anchoring him in case a strong wind came along for that would be a threat to have him sail away!
I'm not sure about the % of GSD in there. Time will give you a better idea on that.

souvik6 06-06-2014 11:31 AM

thanks guys! He is just a bunch of joy and I am lucky to have him in my life.. being single father and fully committing to all his needs has made me mature in so many ways . Its just so hot here now reaching 45C everyday and his appetite has reduced drastically, is that normal??

He doesnt seem to be too fond of his dry kibble anymore although I give him best quality one available in india which is Farmina No grain directly imported from italy. he actually prefers the pedigree one which costs 1/4.. Instead of giving in to him wanting that crap I have been mixing with sugar free yoghurt mostly, sometimes chicken stew or lentils, but now he doesnt want that also.. His energy level has decreased in the past couple days hes been fussy with food although stool is ok (med-soft/hard). So I gave him a goat femur bone with arond 150g of meat.. Should I start him on raw or what I'm quite confused. I just want him to eat peacefully like my golden who eats anything and doesnt have any limit. I just hope its this dreadfull heat and no other issues, i plan to take him to vet just in case, his fourth deworming is due and I might give him a tick/flea bath just to be sure..

At 6 months he weighs around 24kgs, seems quite underweight to me although he is very lean and cannot see his ribs.. he just loves to play so im worried to his sudden change in behaviour. He's finishing teething and might be having a growth spurt. Last one also he got very lethargic and would chill/sleep mostly.

border57 06-06-2014 12:23 PM

That one ear up, one ear down is SO cute with the rest of his looks. :) I would guess he's a mix, as well, but I think it's something like 3/4 GSD, 1/4 something else, or even a higher percentage of GSD because if it weren't for those fuzzy ears I'd swear he was pure GSD. Those big GSD feet look like he's got a lot of growing to do yet. :)

He certainly weighs less than my six month old GSD (see Damaged Ear thread that I started in late March and just updated) but my pup was in the vet's office last month with another GSD pup who was a month older than mine, and Jack was ten pounds heavier. So there can certainly be a wide variation. So I don't think I'd be concerned with what he weighs now. If he is a mix, probably whatever else is in him was a smaller breed, is all. And like I said about his feet, he's not done yet by a long shot! :)

As for feed and picky eating, mine went through that as well. Now, he was younger, but there were a few times I was sure he was sick and then the next day he was eating again normally. If he has a food that he really likes and devours it, you can probably figure he's just being picky. But you are smart to be thinking about a visit to the vet just in case.

Good luck with him, gosh he's so cute. :)

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