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Salino 06-04-2014 07:34 AM

Am I being impatient?
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Hi Everyone,
I have been reading so much information regarding German Shepherds ears and getting so much conflicting advice I am at a total loss lol.
Ok my puppy was born on the 25 January 2014 and her ears never went through the whole funny flopping everywhere stage. She has always had them down. Occasionally now the one ear stands up usually after she has just woken up. It only stands for a few seconds though. I have started massaging her ears lightly and in the evenings she gets large marrow bones to chew on. She has hooves to chew on during the day but she doesn’t chew much. There also seems to be a fold by the ears where the ear hangs.
Now the all-time favourite question is should I leave the ears alone or should I do something?
If I should do something what is the preferred method?
Apart from taping and gluing the ears together I was also told one could glue a coin in each ear to make the pup work its ears by trying to pull them up due to the weight so by the time the coins are removed the ears stand up.
I have also been told to leave the ears alone until she is done teething. I am just concerned seeing her ears also never stood before teething.
I never had to do something like this before and have no idea… L
Any advice would be appreciated.
Obviously whatever happens I will still love her either way but it would be nice if her ears could be up.
Thanks in advanceJ

carmspack 06-04-2014 07:52 AM

don't massage you could break cartilage.

don't put the coin on the tip , that is what collie breeders use for the little fold of the tip that their breed looks for.

maybe you have to accept that this is what the ears will be like .

are you able to do that ?

vomlittlehaus 06-04-2014 09:23 AM

I would leave them alone. Ear carriage and strength can be a genetic component. My bitch produces a small ear set and they usually stand by 8 wks. I have an 11 week old male here who's head is bigger and ear set is different than the other two still here (who's ears are up). One ear up, one down. Both were up for one day though. The pictures look like mine usually do at this time(3-4 months), not an older pup. If they have never stood, they might not. I wouldnt worry, just leave them be. If they were meant to come up, they will.

sehrgutcsg 06-04-2014 10:35 AM

You pup is exactly one month behind Isabella, born; Dec. 25, 2013. Bella's ears have been straight up for more then 4 weeks. Are you certain the dog is purebread > ? Great looking, maybe a few weeks behind. Bear in mind "teeth before ears."


Salino 06-06-2014 03:59 AM

Thanks so much to everyone who repliedJ
Please bear with me I don’t know how to quote lol.
Hi carmspack,
I only massage her ears very gently as I read it can help with circulation. Can even gentle massaging cause the cartilage to break? The breeder also recommended light massaging to me.
Ok thanks for that the coin thing did sound very odd to me anyways lol.
Like I said in my first post I love Ayla to bits and yes if the ears won’t come up I can accept thatJ.
Hi dawnandjr,
Ok thanks I have decided not to let them tape her ears. Another breeder I spoke to immediately wanted to tape her ears. She said that she has very little hope Aylas ears will stand at all. I think she might be wrong as she is still teething badly and her ears actually come up more often since I postedJ.
Hi sehrgutcsg,
Yes she is a registered pup.I have allot of people ask me at training if she is a lab cross. I suppose the black colour doesn’t help much lol. Another thing is that in South Africa the black German Shepherd doesn’t seem to be very common and most people have never seen one and then don’t believe me when I tell them she is a pure bred pup. She is teething badly so maybe she just takes a little longer than usual.

Ok so I have told myself to relax about the ears a little, easier said than done lol. So do you think one should supplement? I read about all sorts of things and thought maybe I can add vitamin c, natural yogurt & hydrolysed gelantin to her diet to help those ears? She currently gets royal canin German shepherd junior or royal canin maxi junior whatever I can get. I would love to feed her orijen puppy but getting this here is such a missionL.
So any thoughts on supplementing?

LookingForTheLight 06-06-2014 04:08 AM

Not the answer you want, but she looks adorable with them down! I would just wait it out, they may or not may pop up. Only time can tell. She will look cute either way, though :)

border57 06-06-2014 12:39 PM

I can offer second hand advice that people on this board have said, and that's that you only have to start worrying that they won't come up when they are done teething which is around seven months.

It looks to me like her ears want to come up. If you really want stand up ears I'd let her go a little longer, and then go with the Breathe Right strips if you don't see what you are looking for in another month or month and a half. She probably just needs time for the cartilage to get thicker/stronger and they will come up on their own.

By waiting you allow the ears to progress without you fussing over them, and from my recent experience with my pup, they don't always stand for it. :) So if her ears keep getting stronger, and you DO end up wanting to do the strips and gluing, it'll be for a shorter time period.

Good luck! Love that second photo, she's a nice one! :)

SuperG 06-06-2014 01:15 PM

Whoever gave the "coin" nuts.

Exactly as carmspack said....that is used by Collie owners to get the tips of their ears to have the fold and tip over.....I see it all the time...bro in law is a Rough coat Collie breeder.

Buy some ear forms and Tear Mender can install them yourself....super easy and effective if in fact the ears will ultimately stand. Ear forms is the way to go, if you choose to prop them.


Salino 06-10-2014 12:31 PM

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Thanks LookingForTheLight for the kind words she does look adorable with those ears but I really would love them up she is a shepherd after all ;)
Thanks border57 I will be patient and wait and see what happensJ. Yes they do seem to want to come up but they only ever stay up for a few seconds. I would prefer for them to come up naturally so I will give her time and see how she is when she is about 6 ½ months old. I am just worried because there is so much conflicting info out there with people saying that after 6 months it is too late to do something or others saying that one can still do something after 6 months. So hopefully those gorgeous ears will stand on their own. Thanks she was watching me while my mom took the pic J.
Lol SuperG I thought that method sounded odd from the start. For now I will give her a bit more time but I will see where I can get some ear forms and Tear Mender glue. I think that might prove difficult though. The breeder that wanted to glue her ears up said I must bring a 2 litre milk bottle, Elastoplast and contact adhesive. I suppose when I do decided to have them glued up I will go to her as I have never done something like this before.
So what do you guys think of feeding vitamin c, natural yogurt & hydrolysed gelantin to help those ears? Can this harm her if it’s being fed in small amounts with her kibbles?
I attached a pic of her one ear standing for a second just after waking up next to her half sister and then of her and one of her best buddies my sisters terrier cross:wub:.

Ace GSD 06-10-2014 12:55 PM

you are not the only one .
The more i read the more i get confused... My pup ear have not erect either... I been reading so many different posts/articles about those ears.. ear pad/massage/yogurt/calcium supplement/tampon/breathe right strips...Also some say wait till 8 months to do anything... some say after 7 months is too late.. others suggest i should start doing something at 5 months age.

Another thing is about large breed problem. I have read that i shouldn't have my puppy go up and down stairs, jump in and out cars, shouldn't run and make sudden stop.

There are many more like mosquito in the parks ... i can keep going...But i should stop , slow down and enjoy my time with Ace, watch him grow and cherish my moments with him and his floppy ears hehe

Pls excuse me , English is not my first language :)

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