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lokimonster 05-30-2014 09:47 PM

Another ear gluing question!
I tried gluing Loki's ears today with breathe right strips. After much struggling with a dog who apparently hates things being glued into his ears, I got one ear up with 4 breath right strips, but couldn't make it work for the other one more floppy one. (It looks like a lab ear but is able to come up all or most of the way when he's excited).

I was wondering if anyone has pictures of a breathe right pattern to use on a pretty floppy ear. I can't seem to get them arranged in a way that helps the ear stand at all.

Should I use something stronger for this ear or should I experiment more.
I was also wondering about gluing the ears in a teepee, I have heard of people doing this, but don't hear it recommended as often as other methods. Is there a reason for this? It sounds so much easier!

Any help would be greatly appreciatedů He is currently pretty awkward looking with one HUGE ear glued up and the other down! lol

Thewretched 05-30-2014 09:48 PM

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Attachment 213258 you can barely see the BR strips, but it's a ^ shape with one on the bottom like _ that

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