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intothevoiddd 05-14-2014 08:47 AM

Can/will ears go back down after they are already up?
My boys ears have been up since he was... gosh, 3 weeks old? I think the only time I saw them down was in a picture when he was only days old. But, he's growing quickly and so are his ears. I'm noticing that his ears are getting a little bit floppy, they're still up but when he walks they're all over the place. It's adorable, but it made me think, can they go back down after they're already up? To me it looks like they're getting more towards the teepee stage (almost looks like they are leaning in and supporting each other up), but who knows.

Shade 05-14-2014 09:05 AM

It really is a game of chance, but the odds are stacked heavily in your favour it seems. If they do go down they should go back up

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