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Melly 12-29-2013 12:43 AM

6 months back to floppy
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I know I am probably worried for nothing but have never had 1 at 6 months with floppy ears. They were up at about 9-10 weeks and stayed up until about a month ago. He turned 6 months on Dec 22nd. Am I worried for nothing? They are a little floppier than in this pic. I will prob take him to vet next week he has been shaking his head every now and then I looked ears are clean doesn't seem infected or mites but will have them look just in case.

jafo220 12-29-2013 07:32 AM

All you can do is wait. I'm betting they pop back up.

LynnPritchard 12-29-2013 07:48 AM

Ear taping
I had never had an ear issue, either. My 5.5 mo old male still has big, soft ears: up some and down some, and is still teething. I found what appears to be really good information about ears on the Leerburg site ( I tried several things readers suggested, including the KMart pink curlers (too short and small to support my boy's ears), the Breathe Right strips (not nearly strong enough to support his large ears), and finally paper surgical tape at the drugstore (tears easily and is easily removable) in combination with the gray foam tube pipe insulation easily found at the hardware store. It's cheap and you can cut it to the length required so that they fit big (and tall) ears. This method seems to be working. He doesn't mind the tape or the pipe piece, and it has a hole through the middle so that hearing isn't impaired. After a week or so of this, yesterday both were up all day. This morning I re-taped one, as it was half up. However, I'm very hopeful that this method, used judiciously, may provide support as needed so that his cartilage isn't permanently creased during teething. I'd be glad to try to send a photo if desired.

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