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joneser 06-29-2014 10:29 AM

BB wilderness large breed/allergies
I'm sure I'm going to get pummeled for not reading through on food...there is so much info on this forum and I've tried to sift through but I can't find a clear direction, so please have mercy on my ignorance!
Jericho became a Jones on Memorial Day, and he was eating "retriever" kibble from TSC. After reading here I found the best food that I could locally, within my budget, and chose BB wilderness large breed. I mixed his food, gradually changing him over a period of 2 weeks. He's now full time on BB Wilderness, and has diarrhea. He's also super itchy and eyes are gunky. 1 week ago I added salmon oil. He's also been on Zyrtec since the pollen is so terrible.
He mows it down in a second but clearly the diarrhea and itchiness are not good.

Natures variety is also available but it's too expensive for me right now.
Who would recommend a switch to acana?
Should I add a probiotic? If so, what?

Thank you for any info/links to stickies/threads.

spacenuts 06-29-2014 01:36 PM

When I was transitioning my dog to Buffalo Blue Large Breed Puppy, the diareeha started at the 50/50 point. I'd back off on the BB to 25% and then try raising it again, but as soon as I got to 50/50, the runs would set in.

I then did a Google search and read all the poor reviews on BB large breed puppy and took the bag back for a refund. Over time, I found out I can't feed my dog chicken at all.

So if it's a chicken allergy, no supplement or probiotic will help.

mydogs 06-30-2014 10:37 AM

BB wilderness large breed/allergies
Lots of threads on BB and GSD's. Not a good food for shepherds
Switch his food. I feed Fromm many people feed Taste of Wild but I would only feed it to adult. They have also had a ton of recalls. Others to look at are Merrick, Earthborn Holistics
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lesslis 06-30-2014 11:09 AM

Had to switch also from the BB. Same problems. All foul and some environmental allergies. Went to totw bison and allergy serum. All is well now.

Momto2GSDs 06-30-2014 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by joneser (Post 5706393)
Natures variety is also available but it's too expensive for me right now.
Who would recommend a switch to acana?
Should I add a probiotic? If so, what?

Thank you for any info/links to stickies/threads.

You may want to do something other than chicken as that sometimes causes dogs itching.

NV or Acana would be better imo.

Definitely a Digestive Enzyme and Pro-Biotic. Here are 2 Human Grade mostly Organic Digestive Enzymes + Pro Biotics combo's:
Sunday Sundae - This one helps with allergies: Sunday Sundae Nutritional Supplement
Digest All Plus: The Wholistic Pet

You didn't say if your dog is a pup or adult. Are you sure that the Natures Variety (not Nature's RECIPE) is more expensive? You can get this at Pets Mart.

Here is a run down on prices from and looks like the Nature's Variety is around the same price. Most of these are the chicken formula.

BB Wilderness Large Breed: 24 pounds = $57
BB Wilderness Grain Free Large Breed Pup: 24 pounds = $53
BB Grain Free Adult: 24# = $55

Nature's Variety Prairie:
27 pounds = $40 Nature's Variety Prairie Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food
Nature's Variety Grain Free: 25 pounds = $55
Nature's Variety Pup: 30 pounds = $52
Dog - nature's variety prairie - Free Shipping at

Acana Wild Prairie: 28.6 pounds = $56

Acana Regionals Grain Free: 28.6 pounds = $76
Acana is for all life stages.

Hope this helps

joneser 07-15-2014 10:23 PM

Quick update, switched to TOTW Pacific salmon. His eyes are still a bit gunky, started the belly itching again (both did stop with the BB Wilderness), but still a very loose, wet stool.

Any guidance on how long I should give this good before I try something else?
Also, does anyone have experience with allergy testing? I'm getting worn out being worried all the time...I just want to find the thing that works and makes him thrive!

trcy 07-15-2014 10:35 PM

When I tried switching my puppy at 4 months off the puppy food the breeder was using to natural balance he got bad diarrhea. I put him back on the food the breeder was using and he had normal poo again. I mentioned this to one of my vets and he said GSD's can have sensitive stomachs. He advised I wait to switch him until he was 7 to 8 months old and do it very slowly. 1/4 of new for one month, then 1/2 new for another month. I did and he switched over fine with no diarrhea issues at 8 months.

However, he kept getting a rash on his stomach and under his arms. We kept it at bay with an iodine wash. I switched all my dogs to a new food and The GSD's rash never came back. I think he was allergic to something in Natural Balance. My other two dogs do great on whatever food they eat.

Juliem24 07-15-2014 11:49 PM

Sometimes, you have to keep trying different foods for awhile til you find the right one for your guy. Buy the small bags.
I've always added live culture yogurt to my dogs food, seems to help transitions. Just a tablespoon with each feed seems to help, started it with the pups at about 6 months ( no science behind it, that's when I started my human kids on it, too.)

Jmoore728 07-16-2014 12:19 AM

I have to try something different also. Sometimes his stools are normal, other times not. He is 10 months old and been on BB since 10-12 weeks old. Allergies seem to be the problem, and I think I have it narrowed down to chicken. I usually switch protein source on every bag. Chicken then try lamb on the next bag, etc, etc. The bad he is in now is Chicken.

Is TOTW better quality then BB? I would love to use Alcana but it isn't sold in my town. I would have to order it. I purchase his dog food from PetSense or Tractor Supply.

Momto2GSDs 07-16-2014 07:42 AM

I’m not a fan of anything manufactured by the “Diamond” company as some of their facilities are so dirty (which inspections proved in 2012 with the HUGE recall on many of the foods they produce) and TOTW is one of them.

BTW PetsMart and PetCo sell the Nature’s Variety and Pet Supply Plus sells Acana. I would purchase a Non-Grain kibble just in case it is grain he is sensitive to.

Have your tried using digestive enzymes/pro-biotics? If you can’t wait for delivery of one of my other suggestions, get this one in a health food store (not GNC) Super Enzymes - 90 Capsules This breaks down fats, carbs and proteins and helps the body utilize food properly. Do not purchase any “Chewable” products as they may contain Xylitol which is poisonous to dogs.

You can also purchase some “Slippery Elm” (no other ingredients added) at the health food store to sooth his stomach: Solaray Slippery Elm -- 100 Capsules - Vitacost

A few tablespoons of Plain Canned Pumpkin (NO spices) mixed with his kibble can also help.

To get the loose stool under control you can try equal amounts of Plain Canned Pumpkin (some people use over cooked white rice) and lightly boiled Ground Turkey Breast, fed in several small meals. After stool becomes solid for a few days, you slowly add in a new kibble, taking several days to a week or more to do this, depending on the dog.

The food “Sensitivity” testing you may want to try is called “Nutri-Scan”. Many people have had GREAT results with their dogs by using this test.
“This test measures antibodies to certain foods in dog saliva. High antibody levels indicate that the dog has a food sensitivity and intolerance to that food or foods. Food intolerance or sensitivity is actually quite common whereas food allergy is rare. In fact, food intolerance is the third most common sensitivity condition in dogs and often can be easily remedied with a change in diet.Dr. Jean Dodds, NutriScan tests for the twenty most commonly ingested foods by dogs to provide you with specific results as to your dog's food intolerances or sensitivities. Since it is a salivary test, you have the convenience to complete the test at home or at your veterinarian’s office. Best of all, you can have the results in approximately two weeks to help you put your dog on the right diet.
Remember, NutriScan is novel and patented and is not testing for food allergies, but rather tests for food sensitivities and intolerance. These are different body immune responses. Food allergy is a more immediate reaction mediated by production of IgE and IgG antibodies. Food sensitivity and intolerance, by contrast, measures a more delayed body response to offending foods by measuring production of IgA and IgM antibodies primarily in mucosal secretions from the bowel.”
NutriScan is split into two test panels. I’d order both.
Panel1: Beef, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Cow’s Milk, Lamb, Venison/Deer, Chicken, Turkey, White Fish.
Panel 2: Chicken Eggs, Barley, Millet, Oatmeal, Salmon, Rabbit, Rice, Quinoa, Potatoes, Peanuts/Peanut Butter.
$130 for one panel (10 antigens), $250 for two panels (20 antigens). Vet Allergy test cost about $500 for 20 antigens. Check this page for test differences:
Q. How does this test differ from other food “allergy” tests on serum or feces ?
A. Food allergy tests measure antibodies to IgG and IgE in serum or feces. These are typically more acute allergic reactions to foods, whereas NutriScan measures IgA and IgM antibodies on the bowel’s mucosal surface, and thus more directly correlates to symptoms of bowel (GI tract) disease.

Uses of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):

*You can try a 50/50 spray of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (from a health food store) and purified water to spray on his belly and use as a rinse after a bath (let him drip dry). Do not use a shampoo that contains Oatmeal just in case your pup is sensitive to grains.;)

*Also people have had luck with spraying some ACV mix on the back of the neck (it absorbs into the skin) twice a day to relieve the eye gunk!
*Add one tablespoon of ACV 2 times daily to his meal. This will help if the pup has a "yeast" problem. When improvement is seen, back off on dosage.

Good luck!

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