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ItsColiOli 05-25-2014 02:53 AM

GSD needs to gain fat
I am fostering a 10 month old male dog who is in all areas a very healthy happy dog. Except, with the exception of his size. Though he is abnormally tall (weighing 82 pounds... most of this is height) he still appears very skinny and when I pet him along his back I can feel his vertebrae when his back arches upwards near the tail. As well I can also feel his ribs when he is standing.

The person who had him before DID NOT neglect him in any way. She is a highly respected person who trains dogs for the sheriffs department. I dont want my post to sound like he was in any way neglected before he came into my care.

I think maybe he has grown too fast, or something, but we will be seeing a vet within the next week to check up on his BMI.

I started supplementing with a can of dog food each day in addition to his Pedigree- Large Breed food. He also is fed vitamins. Is this something most GSD go through during their 'teenage' days and what other foods would be good for putting on weight? I am very new to the breed and feel bad that he is so skinny.

Amurphy26 05-25-2014 03:26 AM

My 18mth GSD bitch was the same until recently. You could feel her spine and see other bones sticking out. We tried adding extra fat to her diet feeding her more but nothing worked. I put her in a dry food called Arden Grange Prestige and she put on weight and looks amazing.

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Sunflowers 05-25-2014 06:52 AM

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Please post pictures of the dog standing up, from the side, and from above. So many people think these dogs are skinny when they actually are not. You're supposed to feel a German Shepherd's ribs. is the place to go to find a good food. Pedegree is actually not such a great food.

ItsColiOli 05-28-2014 12:03 AM

Thank you guys for responding. I will post those pics in a short time so you can see. I'm not too worried because he eats often and is energetic, so I figured there's no real need for concern.

*sigh* Yes I know, I hate Pedigree. Truth be told Jango is my boyfriends dog/responsibility, and I gave my two cents about cheap food. In the end he doesn't see the big deal (I gave it my effort but he's convinced its generally the same).

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