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placeshifter 05-06-2014 12:53 AM

Dry vs Wetting Kibble for Puppies
I fed my 8-9 week old puppy wet kibble (soaked in water for a few hours) as per the breeder's instructions for 2 days.

I then started hand feeding dry kibble as treats part of the Treat & Train program (which has been going great). The daily portion remained the same.

But I noticed she drinks A LOT more water when she has dry kibble throughout the day. It's actually caused 2 potty accidents in the apartment already.

Any thoughts on this?


NancyJ 05-06-2014 05:34 AM

When dogs feed dry kibble they have to drink a lot of water to replace the water it pulls from the system.

Different people different opinions. I soak my kibble for 30 minutes with just enough water to cover it and have for years. Never had issues with gassy dogs and nobody drank excessive water. I would never leave out wet kibble for long due to the fact it would be a great environment to grow bacteria. But I have always had dogs who dove into the kibble and ate it right away.

Shade 05-06-2014 10:09 AM

I agree with Nancy, I soak all kibble before feeding regardless of age. Both of mine eat right away so the chances of bacteria growing is really minimal

Galathiel 05-06-2014 10:38 AM

I don't really soak (as in let it sit) my kibble, but I always add enough water that it's kinda soupy. He's always been very food motivated so it never sits longer than it takes for him to scarf it down. The water also helps him eat slower as he actually has to do some lapping as well.

At your pup's age, we were outside about every 30-45 minutes during the day.

Chip18 05-06-2014 10:51 AM

Soaking for a "few hours" sounds a bit much to me also. :)

kr16 05-06-2014 11:41 AM

I soak it to slow down the eating.

Pups like drinking a lot of water regardless of food. But I would also make sure its a good quality kibble not laced with excess fillers and other crap that may cause that as well.

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