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jhowe19 05-05-2014 04:10 PM

Acana or Fromm?
I've been trying to research online what the better choice is for my puppy, Acana or Fromm, and from what I've read they're pretty comparable.

So now I turn to you all and ask what you would rather give your dog? I started him out on Acana but I changed where I shop and they didn't have the Acana large breed puppy food there, so I switched to Fromm large breed puppy in the meantime. When I switch to an adult food I'm going to have a really tough time choosing which one to continue on with as there is the adult version of both brands.

Help! Which do you guys prefer?

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Pax8 05-05-2014 04:44 PM

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They're both excellent foods IMHO so I would say look at which one your pup does best on. Look at skin and coat condition, energy levels, appetite, stool consistency, etc and see which one agrees best with your pup. :)

NancyJ 05-05-2014 04:49 PM

I would agree that at this level, it is about what works best for the puppy.

..and add that I have had excellent customer service from
Great prices, free shipping, fresh product.
Delivered to your door.

amorican88 05-05-2014 05:06 PM

My boy does well on Fromm. It was what the breeder had him on, so we continued.

Another thumbs up for

NancyJ 05-05-2014 05:20 PM

Yes, what that does is allows you to pretty much get any food you want and not worry about what is in stock ....... I would prefer to shop local but when the local guys have no interest in carrying a food that I want to try......

jhowe19 05-05-2014 05:57 PM

Unfortunately I live in Canada so I doubt I'd be able to order food at a decent price with the shipping I'd have to pay - if shipping to Canada is even an option. I have started going over to Niagara Falls, New York to buy dog food instead though as it is quite cheaper!

Would still love to hear what everyone else's opinions are on these brands :)

Shade 05-05-2014 06:14 PM

I feed Fromm and both my dogs love it :)

Momto2GSDs 05-05-2014 06:33 PM

They are good foods. If your dog does well on both brands, why not rotate them to get the benefits that each one contains?

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